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The New York Ripper

Welcome to the social network where you won't feel yourself like outcast cause of your "dark" fetish. Why? Because this place is created by people like you, FOR people like you! :) So, feel free to look around, meet some crazy (in a good way!) people and become the part of our growing ADULTS ONLY (18+) community.
Although you can browse the content made "public" with no restrictions, SOME CONTENT IS VISIBLE TO THE REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY, so register (for free) and we assure you that you'll have a pleasant stay ;)
Please also remember that THIS PLACE IS ABOUT FANTASIES ONLY, so play safe!
STORY CONTEST - SciFi Snuff ! - 3-1-16

You ready to PLAY?! :)

We are having a contest every month for the best 'written story' in different categories of our dark fetishes! FREE PREMIUM status for our winners! If you are interested, please join our new contest group by the links below to learn more!

Voters have the chance of winning PREMIUM as well!

FREE PREMIUM - DFN Contest - Last Month's Winners
ATTENTION - 2014-08-03

Hey everyone,

Please keep in mind, that there is to be absolutely NO REAL, UNDERAGE or PRIVATE content here on DFN. Remember that this site is all for fantasy, not real-death. Private photos of people taken from social media sites without consent is forbidden. As for underage content, please do not upload any persons who even need to be questioned of age. If you need further information, refer to our Terms of Service or contact one of our staff members.

Do not hesitate to report such content if it is found, we strongly encourage you to do so! Thanks for your efforts and understanding! Have fun and play responsibly!

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4 minute(s) ago
Randle posted a comment on Ants's profile:
Ants? No info on page. Do you want to be naked and killed by thousands of army ants crawling and biting you all over your body? Or you are the just want to be left alone types?
8 minute(s) ago
VAL signed up.
8 minute(s) ago
Shauwn made to be s­nuffed...
12 minute(s) ago
Belle signed up.
14 minute(s) ago
Blackhart posted a comment on Melbozwife's profile:
Welcome to DFN see you like your pussy tortured shame you do not show us what you have to offer for it
15 minute(s) ago
Krait uploaded new photos to their album: DANCE
15 minute(s) ago
Eddie Joseph posted a comment on MuslimMum's profile:
The female body and form is a work of art in every way which also satiates every man totally. Being seen pregnant is the essence of femininity in life and more so in her demise as in spit roastings.
16 minute(s) ago
Kaos and Suicidal Cunt are now friends.
21 minute(s) ago
Krait created a new album: DANCE
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