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John is in the mo­od for a hun­t!
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Basic Personal Information
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About Me
Who I Am:
Well my name is John and I'm located in the fine state of Wisconsin. I'm 22 years old, straight, and have never signed up for a site like this before... I feel a little weird about sharing my kinks but since everybody here has some sort of "dark fetish" I figure I'm among friends. All in all I consider myself to be a pretty normal 22 year old guy, I've had a few long term normal relationships but am single for now. Any questions, just shoot me a message or comment on my profile! Thanks!

I have AIM and YIM, but I'm usually not logged on them unless somebody wants to chat. So go on, read the rest of my profile, and if you like what you read, send me a message, I'd love to hear from you!
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
My favorite "dark fetish" is without a doubt necro and snuff stuff! Of course I would never dream of hurting anybody in real life, but the thought of having my way with a fresh kill is the most exciting thought for me. Having a girl play dead as I enjoy her is heaven for me (and hopefully fun for her too); and with any luck I can find one here that likes it as much as I do (even if just in roleplays)!

Probably the easiest way to understand my favorite "dark fetish" is to look at any/all of Psycho Thrillers amazing albums!

I'm also really into shootings, not so much gut shots... that might take too long or be too agonizing for my victim, I'd prefer to dispatch you a bit more quickly with a shot to the head or heart. Of course multiple shots are fun too!

Beheadings are fun as well, especially because I can have my way with you while your strapped helplessly in the guillotine and then even more fun after you've lost your head!

Executions are terrific too, because in those situations, the victim most likely has it coming to her and isn't quite so innocent.

I like to roleplay catching unwilling or unknowing girls, I like a bit of a challenge, and it makes everything more exciting (I'm sure I can still accommodate your desires if you're a willing victim too however). In a roleplay I'd also like to end up killing a female villain, or assailant, or criminal- she doesn't necessarily have to be innocent.
Other Fetish Interests:
I am really turned on by nice legs in nylons/pantyhose, stripping you, limp body play, short skirts, upskirts, hunting you, tight fitting clothes, cutting off clothes, muki's kitchen stuff, body handling/carrying/dragging... and that's about it. I'm a pretty normal guy!
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
I am pretty decent at online roleplays, they're of course not as good as the real thing but still a ton of fun! Other than that we could just talk about our "dark fetishes", share pictures, or talk about pretty much anything else!
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
In a perfect world I'd love to meet somebody who wanted to do real life roleplay as much as I do. Of course it isn't a perfect world and with how many creepers there are online, I'm not getting my hopes up for that, (but it would be pretty terrific)!