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KELLI is up for bi­ds
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EwP FanGroup , Blood Bath Cinema , Cannibal Cliches , cooked during Sex / served during sex / "fucking with meat after cooking" , Dark Fetish Models , Darkfetish, Psychology and Society , Dead Sexy Women , Deadly Gameshows / Terminal-TV , Deutsche Dolcett/Snuff Geschichten , Deutschsprachige Mitglieder , Die grüne Fee , Distressed Damsels, Merciless Masterminds and Perilous Predicaments , Dolcett Girls , dolcett restaurant , Elite Hunting , Epicurean Corner , EVIL PAOLA'S MANY DEATHS , fantasie italiane , Female Meat Market , Gynophagia , Hungry Monsters , Impalement , kitchen , Misogyny , mother-daughter sets , oven baked girl/guy dolcett style , PKF STUDIOS , REAL OFFLINE MEETUPS , Reale Fantasien......... , Roleplay Fail , Schinkenklopfen für zarteres Mädchenfleisch - Spanking for tender girl meat , The Cannibal Pot , The Cannibals , The Firing Squad , The human butchery , Trophy Heads , White meat for black cannibals , Zuchtstuten und Nutzvieh - broodmares and livestock
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (22 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
Midwestern girl, USA, suddenly unattached but making new plans!
Favorite Quote:
Do you want that with or without dressing?
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Cannibals. I dream about being captured by cannibals, or maybe one appreciative cannibal, and being prepared as the main course for dinner or being auctioned off as livestock or just snatched. Being hunted for food is good too.
Other Fetish Interests:
Bondage, spanking, rape, and stalking me. Stuff like that. Anything scary. Mainly cannibals. Cannibals with lots and lots of experience.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
I guess I will be taking bids again . . . . maybe for the last time.
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
I have to keep my promise......whatever happens!