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The warrior's tale parts III and IV

By: ANONYMOUS (mail will go to the Eunuch Archive) (


A Hitani warrior tells the last installments of his story of capture by the Amazons.  Apologies for posting part III again in this post, but I got lost.

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After our last defeat by the war bitches, what few warriors among us who had not lost their cocks and balls to this, the most fearsome of all their armies, retreated deep into the lands of the Hitani, seeking refuge and allies that we might reclaim our manhood by defeating these bitches and forcing them to service our proud cocks as mere bitches should.So we passed into a great city of the Hitani, and went before the Cock Lord of that City, and our hearts were filled with hope when we saw his long was his cock--as long as the blade of my sword and his balls were each the size of a melon and his sack hung between his legs so that his balls dangled unto his knees.  Surely so massive a cock would lead us to a great victory.We told them our tale, how our army had been destroyed by a tribe of Amazons more fierce, blood thirsy and efficient than any other we had encountered, and how more than 2,000 warriors had lost their proud cocks to these bitches.There was a moment of silence, then one of the Cock Lord's generals rose."Ha!  See how my cock takes stand at the mere thought of the fine cunt it will enjoy after we defeat these bitches!"He stroked his swelling cock."This is the cock of a Hitani warrior," he cried, "Obviously, you have not seen one before!  Let these bitches come, for I am anxious to give them a taste of Hitani seed!"  He motioned, and a young fuck bitch took him into her mouth."This cunt was once a warrior of the war bitches.  I captured her myself, and raped her ass every day until she could not control her bowels.  That is how a Hitani warrior deals with these bitches!  He uses the might of his cock as a weapon to destroy them!  What kind of warrior lets his balls be taken by a woman?  We do not need your aid."The other warriors nodded in agreement."Let the war bitches come.  The cocks they taste will not be in their cooking pots with us!"And so my men and I returned to our camp, shame-faced and angry, for we knew that to see our warriors castrated by mere bitches was a great shame.That night, I addressed my men."What the men of this city have said is true.  We have been proven unworthy as Hitani warriors, for some half our numbers have lost their balls to these war bitches.  Therefor, I say let not fight in the style of our fathers, naked and with our balls bound and our cocks erect, but as the craven cowards we are proven to be.  We will fashion shields from the trees of this forest, and leave our cocks limp and unbound, so that they make less tempting targets for the arrows and blades of the war bitches."My legion of men, once 100 strong, was reduced to less than 50.  More men, angered by my words but too shamed to challenge me to battle, left.  So it was that some 20 of us fashioned shields of wood that covered us from our throats to our thighs.  Then, we hid in the woods in our small camp and waited.It was scarce two days later when we heard the bleating of the war bitches trumpets and saw their straight ranks moving through the wood, in bitch in perfect step with her neighbor, clad in leather breast plates which left either the breast or the belly exposed, short leather skirts, heavy helms and great shields.  Even with our own shields, I wondered how we could resist their legions.  The next morning, we saw on the plain outside the city the two armies drawn up--more than 5,000 naked Hitani warriors, their cocks all proud and erect, and some 700 of the war bitches.  With a blast of trumpets from both sides, the battle began.It went just as the battles before.  First, the war bitches fired their cruel arrows at the cocks of the Hitani, the sharp arrows shearing off balls and cocks so that the warriors fell grasping at their mangled crotches.  Some 400 warriors lay castrated before the war bitches' skirmish line retreated and their heavy infantry began its advanced.Now the battle was joined proper, and we could hear the screams of our fellow Hitani as blade after blade sliced through their erect cocks, while the short swords and spears were useless against their heavily armed opponents.It was now that I gave my troops the order to charge.  What did we have to lose?  All our honor was long gone, with the balls of our comrades.We charged into the Amazons skirmish line, which was reforming after allowing the heavy troops to pass through it to smash the disorganized Hitani lines.  These were the youngest war bitches, their least experienced warriors.  The archers fought naked, as we did, armed with only their bows and protected only by helmets.  The other bitches were armed with spears and covered by helmets and shields and short skirts of leather.Taken by surprise, the girl-cunt archers let loose a badly aimed volley of arrows.  One struck my shield, but it protected me and already I saw the wisdom of abandoning our custom, even if it did mean that I was a craven coward like a Greek or Persian.Now we were among the lightly armed girls, slashing with our blades, stabbing with our spears.  We fought as only men with nothing to lose can fight, and soon nearly a quarter of the enemy's light troops were dead.  We heard a trumpet sound, and saw a third line of war bitches, only a few dozen strong, start to advance towards us.  When we saw the sun glinting on their bronze breast plates, we knew our balls were forfeit, for these were the fiercest war bitches of them all, so we redoubled our efforts, slaughtering the young war bitches, and as our blades tore into their flesh like cocks we became erect to a man to face our doom like true Hitani warriors.It was then that one the war bitches called out to us."Warriors of the Hitani!  Never have I seen mere men fight with such determination!  You have slain nearly all our young warriors, and we need the seed of such doughty warriors to replace our fallen."Now I warn you, each woman in this legion has harvested at least two hundred cocks; our weapons and armor make us certain to defeat you.  However, if you surrender, we will take all of you to use as our breed-slaves.  For one year, your cocks will be milked by our shaved cunt sperm slaves.  Then, because you have fought so well, we will also you a quick death and we will harvest your genitals after you are dead, so that you will not know the pain and shame."We discussed the war bitches' offer.  It was true that we were doomed if we fought, and each of us had killed at least two war bitches, though our cocks had not sampled their cunts or asses.  And so we threw down our arms and surrendered.The war bitches fell on us at once, tying us together by our hands and by our balls so that we could not escape, then marched us into their camp.  There, many of the war bitches had stripped off their armor (for the day was hot) and all that many of them wore were the belts from which hung their trophies of battle--the severed cocks and balls of the Hitani whom they had defeated.I was first in line of my men, and had the best view of the camp.  The guards had taken great delight in stimulating our cocks with sharp slaps and descriptions of the shaved cunt slaves who would service us, so that I and many of my men were as erect as if our balls and cocks had been bound in the tradition of the Hitani.Then, as we entered the camp, I saw a young war bitch.  She was naked, and her belt was covered with cocks, and she held two more cocks in each hand.  The thought that such a young and beautiful girl could have destroyed the manhood of some dozen warriors, for some reason, filled me with desire--such desire that my cock shot its seed.One of the guards laughed."So, you enjoy seeing the fate of your countrymen!  Bring forth another Hitani!  Let this fellow watch as we harvest another set of balls for Mother Priestess!"Now several more war bitches emerged from the camp.  First came a naked bitch; from her age I judged her to be one of the light troops we had defeated.  Her cunt was shaven of its hair and it still bled from where they had carved out her clit, for to be so shamed and mutilated was the fate of any war bitch who was defeated by a man.  She carried a bucket, and I knew her to be a sperm bitch sent to harvest my seed.Next came two war bitches still in their armor.  Dragging behind them by a rope wrapped around his cock was the very warrior who had so proudly boasted of what his cock would do to these war bitches.  He cried and begged for mercy, shouting "Ahhhh, I beg you, release my balls you bitches!  I have sons and catamites within the city walls!  I will give all their balls to you if you but spare mine!  Oh, my proud cock and balls, destroyed by cunts and bitches!  You promised to spare my balls if I but licked your assholes and drank your piss!  I did these things, and yet you destroy me!"The sperm bitch knelt before him and foundled his cock and balls as the two warriors lashed him to a tree.  Despite its impending doom, his cock soon rose as the young girl needed the pliant flesh of his huge balls, each of which filled her hands completely.  The leader of the war bitches clapped her hands, and another bitch, naked save for her belt, helmet and a quiver full of arrows, stepped forward.  "You have seen your fellow Amazons slain," cried the leader, "the girls who's sweet cunts you used to lick and finger even as they licked an fingered your own.  Never again will you taste the cunts of your sisters in arms, for these vile Hitani have slaughtered or shamed your entire youth brigade.  Yet despite this shame, you deserve revenge on these Hitani scum, who are not worthy to drink your piss.  Here, I saw where your arrows found their mark.  You have earned, yet not claimed your first cock in battle.  Take the cock and balls of this Hitani slave tied before you."The girl advanced, grasping her castration knife.  She seized the warrior by his low-hanging balls, and crush them in her hands.  The warrior screamed, his cries subsiding to  a strangled gurgle as she continued to apply pressure to his balls."Vile Hitani," she hissed, "Mother Priestess is right.  Never again will I enjoy the sweet cunts of my comrades, or enjoy their soft tongues against my downy cleft.  I will take your balls now!"With that, she swung the knife high and brought it down, slicing into his erect cock.  But she was inexperienced, and her cut only succeeded in partially amputating his cock.  She stretched balls down, and sliced through the thin tissue connecting his sack to his body.At this, I could take it no more.  My cock sprayed my seed into the air, and the young shaved-cunt bitch caught as much as she could, though her own face and breasts were splattered with my seed as well.The girl lifted his severed package to her lips and sucked out one of his balls.  He shrieked as she chewed it, then spat it back into his face."Who would eat the balls of such a coward!" she cried.  "Your balls are worthless.  I would not feed them to my dog."  She dug the other ball, as though she were pulling coins from a purse, and thrust it in his face.Then she squeezed it between her fingers until it burst, spraying him with his own ball blood, and my cock again erupted."By the cunt of the Goddess," cried the Priestess, "how hot I become watching this Hitani's seed erupt."  She lifted her skirt and began to rub her cunt."No doubt you bragged how you would rape my ass with this pathetic cock," said the castratix to her victim.  "But I see this cock will not go into me."  Then she sliced off his cock and crammed it down his throat.  A third time my cock shot off its juices, and I fell to my knees, for my own balls were sore from spending.  And for all of the time that I was a sperm slave, the Amazons milked my seed by castrating my fellow Hitani in front of me, until such time as I was rescued by other Hitani warriors.Of course, having been shamed by my defeat by bitches, the warriors cut off my own proud balls, and I have lived my life as a eunuch storyteller ever since.  A few coppers for my bowl if you please?


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