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Heart Shots , AMAZON WARRIORS , amazons fighting male warriors , AOH (arms overhead) bondage/torture fans , Arrows and Darts , At Gunpoint , Bad Girlz ♀ , Breast Shots , Coven of Satan , DarkFetishNet Feedback/Support/Suggestions , Die spy Die , EVIL PAOLA'S MANY DEATHS , EVIL SADISTIC WOMEN! , Exposed , Female Executioner , Heart Fetish , HItwomen! , Human Sacrifice , Latex lovers , Leather, Girls, Guns & Death , Male Death Fantasies , sacrificial rituals , Sexy Nazi Girls , Shoe Fetish , Witchhunter/Hexenjäger , Women in elegant shirts/blouses shot
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (29 years old)
some country in Europe
About Me
Favorite Quote:
"You evil bitch!"
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Stabbing, staking, arrowing and shooting in the heart. Between the tits or through the left breast, thrusting in something penetrating and hard (maybe you get the analogy...).

I love evil and deserving villain types: evil spies, assassins, henchgirls, supernatural characters; witches, demonesses/succubus and especially vampires. Hence my favourite scenario in a nutshell: an evil bitch first tries to seduce the hero and whore her way out of the situation, but gets her (black) heart pierced, gets punished and used sexually. Close, intimate and sexual scenes.
Other Fetish Interests:
Buttoned white shirts/blouses, latex/leather, corsets, stockings, gloves, high heels, boots.

I also like consensual/willing scenes to some extent (especially if the character is still evil), just resigning to the fate, requesting to be stabbed/shot through the heart as some kind of a last wish/request.

Sexual punishment, light bondage, tying up. Some medical kinks, listening and feeling the heartbeat, stethoscopes.

I like also being killed, but it has more limited appeal and needs to be the right kind of setup: I need to be innocent and the killer has to be evil, executrix / dominatrix / hitwoman type killer. And unlike in my "primary" fetish, I prefer bloodless deaths: suffocation, strangling, a poisonous fatal injection.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Roleplay (Yahoo Messenger, Skype, or ?)
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline: