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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (24 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
I'm on Trillian. So PM me for my contact info if you are interested in playing. (No longer on YIM)

23/Female/USA. Ca.

You can call me Xia for short. OR by my real name Madison. I'm a sub type.

Pale with dyed black hair. I tan real nice in the summer. Might be adding midnight blue soon and purple to my hair.
Ears and tongue pierced.
135 pounds give or take a few depending on the season.
5 feet 3 inches
34 DD, 28 waist, 36 hip. Meaning I have big tits, average waist (with a little meat and no abs) and curvy hips with an ample butt.
Blue eyes
Female...Duh :D

Favorite Quote:
Abduct, Rape, Strangle and Eat me plz
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
The types of RolePlay and Porn I like are roofied, abduction, breathplay, torture, weapons, rape, snuff, and dolcette.

I also like some furry stuff, I guess I would see myself as a bunny type. I also have a snake vore fetish. Which goes well with my other fetishes.

I have been choked out before and fucked. I have had a plastic bag over my head till I passed out while I was fucked. I have had a belt and choker buckled around my neck during sex tight enough to have me gasping. That is about as close as I have gotten.

I have also RP rape with some Exs of mine. They are usually older men that like my youth and teach me new things as well as got me to really love breathplay. I have also let them roofie me.

One ex had a couple of guns and he would hold it to my head during or I would suck on it. I was really drunk at the times we did so I was not thinking clearly but it was supper hot. All totally planed of course.
Other Fetish Interests:
While strangling and snuff are top. I also like snuff by cooking me, knife, and gunshot.

If you are particularly interested in cooking and eating me I have a recipe ;)

Send me to the spa as a gift. Request I get a toxin flush which included an enema. Plus a fully body wax.
When I get back get me drunk on wine
Oil me up on the table and massage my tender body, pussy, ass and tits. Hear me moan in pleasure before I pass out drunk.

Then truss me up like a turkey. Wrists tied together behind my back. Which arches my back and perks up my tits.
Next tie a rope around and behind my knees. Which is then tied behind my back at my wrists. This brings my legs apart and bent up and to the sides, exposing my pussy and ass. Then tie my ankles together.

Place a ring gag in my mouth, to keep my mouth open but keep me from talking. At the end before dinner is served you may wish to put something in my mouth for decoration.

Then tie a tight rope around my neck to majorly restrict air flow. but not so tight it strangles me. Just makes it really hard to breath and gets me gasping and panting. This will wake me up. If not just start the next step. I will wake up soon.

Set up the small kitchen guillotine that attaches to the table, and slid my head and neck under it. I can't move because I am all spread and trussed up. Nor can I protest. Ignore my moaning cries of protest and wiggling...or enjoy them ;)

Preheat the oven to 350

Then play with me and force orgasm after orgasm out of me as I moan and struggle for more air. I will be feeling light headed from a restricted airway and dizzy from the wine. So I will be disorientated and loving it.

I will eventually lose track of time and my surroundings as I cum and squirt my pussy juices all over. My tongue flapping past the ring gag as I moan, gasp and drool, my eyes rolling around in my head. I cum hard just before I fade into oblivion from lack of sufficient oxygen. Exposed and trussed with a euphoric look frozen on my face. My half closed and rolled back eyes are blank showing that I am passed out. My tongue hangs limp to the side as I drool.

Pull the lever and drop the guillotine onto my slender neck. Snuffing me as my body twitches and spasms forcing out one last intense orgasm.

Then take my head to use as a center piece later and prop it on the counter to watch. I stare at you with half closed and wanting eyes, as if lost in pleasure. My mouth is propped open by the ring gag and my tongue hangs limp, drool still dripping off of it like I am a dog begging for more. Give my head a light rub of oil to keep my skin, moist, supple and soft. Remember to coat my tongue too.

Slice me open and remove my guts. stuffing me with veggies and stitch me back up.
Then prepare my soft body by stuffing veggies and stuffing into my soaking wet pussy and tight ass.
Rub more oil and herbs on me.

Pick me up and place my in a large cooking dish.
Before you put me in the oven cover my nipples, pussy lips and toes with foil or they will cook to quickly and burn.

Then Slide my trussed and stuffed body into the oven

As I cook remember to keep me basted especially my pussy, tits and feet. My pussy should stay juicy and my feet and tits should glisten.

After about 8 hours take my temp. I should be 165 degrees in my pussy and 180 degrees in my breast.

You will know I am done when my skin is a beautiful golden brown, and my tits and pussy are a lovely rose gold color.


Remove me from the oven and let my meat rest before placing me on a nice platter with my head nearby as a display.

Carve meat as usual making sure to save my pussy lips either for you or your guest of honor.

My face looks on euphorically as people eat my meat before my dead longing eyes and begging face.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
RP and talk about all our dark fetishes
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Run for my life. ;)