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EwP FanGroup , SKLAVINNENMARKT, please comment the pics , 'Bug Chasers' and 'Gift Givers' , Breast hanging / Tit hanging , Caged Slavegirls , Clit Cutting , Dark Fetish Models , Deutsche Dolcett/Snuff Geschichten , Female prison for sexual crimes , Female self or mutual mutilation , Formicophilia , Genitals - torturing, mutilating, removing. , Historic Tortures and Crucifixions , Intimchirurgie , Kidnapping Roleplay , medical play , Milk Farm and Slaughterhouse , oven baked girl/guy dolcett style , PETGIRL , PKF STUDIOS , Pussy Torture , Schinkenklopfen für zarteres Mädchenfleisch - Spanking for tender girl meat , SKLAVINNENMARKT II, please comment the pics , Slavery Art , the beauty of torture! , The Stranglers Play Room , Tit hanging , tit torture , Toilet Girls , WORLD TORTURE ORDER FOR FEMALES , Zoophilia , Zuchtstuten und Nutzvieh - broodmares and livestock
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (26 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
hi I'm audrey, 5'6'' height, weight 117lbs, natural 36dd , brown hair, hazel eyes, average boby, round buttock. On the outside, nobody knows, or can suspect that at home I'm a masochist slave. A few months ago my husband has agreed to become my master at my request. Now at home it is mandatory that I'm always naked, collared and pluged. . my holes are dilated to the extreme . I like pet games, and be the personal toilet of my master. since january i have chastity piercing who close fully my pussy, so now i only can give with never receive.
Favorite Quote:
a good slave only deserves the pleasure that his master wants to give her, but in no case orgasm. a good slave is a clitless slave
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
fgm /clit cutting / infibulation / spanking / extreme anal dilation / breasts suspention / orgasm denial / incontinance
Other Fetish Interests:
peehole stretching / human toilet /uro-scato / enema / be treated as a pet at home
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
share ideas experience advises. English/ french
there are no pics of me in my profile or online and there will never had so don't ask
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
sorry nothing. i have already a master . he's my husband too and it's not a lender . so dont ask