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Completehuman is wondering­ how a blind­fold crosses­ from '­children'­s toy' ­to 'adu­lt sale only­&#
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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (34 years old)
United Kingdom
About Me
Who I Am:
Lefty-liberal, Guardian-reading (sorry if that doesn't travel), anti-capital punishment heterosexual male, with a subconscious that is either unaware of any of these facts or actively enjoys mocking them.
Favorite Quote:
"My interests are such that no one knows how interesting I am"
Fellow DFN member and favourite person in the world V

About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Judicial executions of women. Hanging is my first love, but increasingly, I find myself drawn towards the electric chair. I particularly enjoy fantasizing about being the poor woman being executed: that profile picture (from a 1996 TV movie called "The Hunchback" based on Victor Hugo's "Notre Dame de Paris") is intended literally - I don't fantasize about hanging Esmeralda as much as I fantasize about being her as she hangs! That said, I also enjoy the thought of being a witness to a woman's execution, or even her executioner. My fantasies are pretty all-embracing and, when I actually masturbate, I tend to switch between different points of view and a third person viewpoint constantly. I generally like the thought of all the official rigmarole surrounding such an extreme event: I particularly like the whole idea of losing control of my body as I become a passive part of the active process of my execution, and I think the thing that draws me particularly to hanging and electrocution is that, in both of these processes, I lose control to such an extent that my own body is used to kill me (my own body weight pulls the noose tight during hanging, and my own electrical resistance produces the heat that cooks my internal organs in the chair). I'm less keen on overtly sexualised execution fantasies, particularly those that suggest the victim actively enjoys being killed: the (imagined) fear is a crucial part of the turn-on for me.
Other Fetish Interests:
The thought of being executed by a woman.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Exchange fantasies about my fetishes, particularly with women, but more generally with anyone who likes to view the woman as a real human being rather than some kind of living sex doll. I like to share my own fantasies with the DFN community through stories on my blog, but I love to receive others' ideas whatever their preferred media of communication (e.g. pictures, videos), and often incorporate such ideas into my stories. I'm not suggesting that friendship with me is some kind of accolade everyone should aspire to, but please do me a favour: I'm generally flattered by the idea that someone might think my contributions to DFN are interesting enough that they want to receive updates on them, so I'm inclined to accept friend requests; but, if you do want to send a friend request, either fill out your profile first or write me a message (or both) so I don't have to guess why you've done so. Message me to chat - I don't bite, I promise! That said, please make it something more than "hang me" - how am I supposed to interpret that? I'm less keen on online roleplay - as mentioned above, I tend to start fantasizing about everyone's part, not just my own!
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
I'm not planning on meeting anyone. Then again, I wasn't planning on falling in love with V online and pursuing her across the Atlantic to meet her, so I guess plans can be subject to change!