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CondemnedWifesHusband is visiting ­my wife on d­eathrow
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EwP FanGroup , SKLAVINNENMARKT, please comment the pics , "Fans of Laura strangled" , ANNABELLESFANTASY , AOH (arms overhead) bondage/torture fans , At Gunpoint , Beheaded woman , Beheading , Best of Hanging , Burnt Witch Appreciation , Consensual Hanging Women , Date with the needle , Deadly BDSM & Torture , diapered executions , Die spy Die , Electric Chairs , ELECTRICITY , execution roleplay , Executions , Female Death Scenes In Mainstream Movies And Tv , Female Soldiers , Female urinates during execution , females tortured to death , Frauen angekettet im Gefängnis , Frauen für den Strick/Woman for the noose , Gas Chamber , hanfseiltango , Hanging , Hanging woman , Hanging&bondage , Headless females , Headshot and general shooting fans , Headsman's Block , Heart Shots , Henker und Delinquenten , Hinrichtung durch Atemkontrolle , Historic Tortures and Crucifixions , Hostages/Kidnapped/Ransom , Kidnapping Roleplay , Kragenland , Let the Bodies Hit the Floor , Longstaff Prod - Hangings , mother-daughter sets , Neck snapped , OFF WITH HER HEAD , On The Garrotte , PKF STUDIOS , poser hanging , PSYCHO THRILLERS , Pussy Torture , Racism , Scene of the Crime , ShortDrop-Hanging , Stalking and Kidnap Club , The Firing Squad , The Stranglers Play Room , Toe Tag Team , torture in real life , VERDUGOS EXECUTIONERS , Witchhunter/Hexenjäger , Women shot , فتیش به سبک ایرانی
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (46 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
have fantasies about women being executed, hanged, beheaded, firing squad, gas chamber, lethal injection, garroted, and the electric chair. I like to roll play that my wife who is Innocent is arrested and sentenced to death and i try to help her clear her name before the execution (usually unsuccessfully). the last visit on the day of the execution is very hard knowing that the state is taking the love of mt life away from me and it will be the last time i will see her or talk to her as i watch the execution in the witness room knowing i didnt do my best to clear her name. I'm interested in roll playing online, having stories written about my wifes execution and into having people fake photoshop photos of my wife or poser image her and or other women i know in execution scenes. send me a message to discuse this further.

***This is FANTASY only***

About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
my main fetish is women especial my wife being executed for a crime she didnt commit i try my best to get her name cleared and released before she is executed but usually unsuccessfully and
Other Fetish Interests:
have fantasy of her being taken hostage usually by black men kept for randsome that i can not pay they use her as a sex slave and threaten to kill her if the ransome isnt paid in time. also she can be taken hostage by a terrorist group
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Chat, roleplay, have stories written about my wife photoshop and poser my wife and women i know.

i'm looking for someone to write stories about my wife's execution from the trial all the way to the execution and how i'm trying to save her and beleave in her innocents and if i fail in saving her show my pain of having to see the love or my life my soul mate taken from me i have several scenarios private message me and we will discuses the details.
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
talk on the phone about my wife