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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (47 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
A friendly and open-minded movie lover, with a particular interest in morgue-like scenes and toe tagged bodies.
Favorite Quote:
"The death of a beautiful woman, is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world." Edgar Allan Poe
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Crime and morgue scenes in movies and TV series; women playing dead; toe tagged "corpses"; role playing; undressing, examining, handling, moving and fondling a limp, unresponsive body.
Other Fetish Interests:
Carrying a limp, unresponsive body in various ways, such as the cradle style (in arms), over the shoulder (OTS carry), etc., and/or dragging it; eye check.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Talk about common interests, exchange info, pics and vids related to the common interests.
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Play with a woman while she is pretending to be dead, and take pictures of her like that.