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DarkDays Added my blo­g a bit ago ­including a ­story i post­ed here, mor­e to come.
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Hucow , ROLEPLAY & STORIES GROUP , "Human-human" and "human-animal" theme «HUCOW» , 24/7 Slavery , Breast hanging / Tit hanging , Breeding and Forced Impregnation , Caged Slavegirls , Choking on Cock , Cunt Hunt , Defeated and helpless , Everything Anal , Female Hard Labor Fantasies , Forced impregnation , Kidnapping Roleplay , Milk Farm and Slaughterhouse , Milky tits , Misogyny , PETGIRL , REAL OFFLINE MEETUPS , Sexual Sadism , Stalking and Kidnap Club , tit torture , torture in real life , Well Fattened pigs and livestock...and the people who love them!
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (30 years old)
USA Indiana
About Me
Who I Am:
In public, really just a normal, pleasant individual that works hard and is typically described as a soft spoken well mannered guy. To balance that at home I am a demanding Sadist Master who thrives on control, obedience, and fulfilling selfish desire.
Favorite Quote:
In the day you might think your the sun, shining as bright as you can on the world. But really your the moon, a soft reflection of the harsh unforgiving brightness your ashamed that the world will see. Come into the night, and show me how bright you can shine.

About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Forced impregnation is the biggest one for me, nothing would feel more powerful the forcing a woman's body to change, and to put a part of me in her that's not so easy to forget.
Other Fetish Interests:
BDSM, remote slavery, role-playing, home invasion, breath play, impact play, rope bondage, nipple/breast/clit/pussy torture. Humiliation, degradation. Psychological play. Forced orgasm.

I have been in a the lifestyle for the last 9 years. However i had to move which has left me without a pet, I am actively searching.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Chatting about fantasy's, maybe being a remote Dom for the right sub. Role-playing.

I really love writing stories, So if you have a fetish you want a short story about, give me a few details and i may write you one.
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Its unlikely anything will happen here. But i am looking for a new pet. If hell freezes over i will find someone who is interested in being a breeder. But who knows, maybe i will be pleasantly surprised.