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Demetrius visit my new­ social site­ just for br­eathplayers!­ http://www.­thebreathles­
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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (41 years old)
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About Me
Who I Am:
I am the owner and producer of the former paysite, now located at, website

I also am founder of the social site "Everyone into Breath Games" located at:

And lastly, I am the owner/creator of the social network community, "the Breathless Studios", located at:, where I host my full videos from my clip store for a 10.00/month subscription fee for the video section. The rest of the site is free to join, and requires no monthly subscription to join.

Favorite Quote:
It is what it is . . .
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Breathlessness - Giving, Watching (female only)

Before anyone decides to view one of my videos on this site, please understand that they will mainly be music videos that are designed as Theatrical Trailers, and in no way meant to be considered the final product featured on my site. Also in addition, everything Angel and I do is REAL and NOT ACTING, so if someone is hoping to see any type of fantasy death play, or scenario-based plot acted out, to not bother watching our videos.

If you would like to see a produced music-video preview of something offered on the site, however, feel free to watch.

The most important thing to remember about a scene is THIS ONE THING:

The SUB is the one that has control, NOT the Dom. The sub willingly gives into a Dom out of trust, and the desired to be topped, but any way you look at it, that was THEIR choice. It is THEIR limits that need to be adhered to, NOT YOURS.

I tell Angel all the time that she is the one in control of the session, every time before we start. I am only a facilitator to HER pleasure. A sub can't be a sub and experience their fantasy without a Dom/Top. So, that's what us Tops do, we facilitate the sub to help them achieve their desire. Not the other way around. It's not the Tops fantasy that matters, because the acts aren't being performed on the Top. The Top is/never will be, in physical danger during breathplay.

That said, if you are looking for sites to see what I am talking about, I have two: (no longer being updated)

and (clips store)

I also have a ton of photos on here, and am always available for questions. Just feel free to send em in my inbox.

I also welcome anyone elses opionion/insight into this topic. I am sure there are many out there wondering.
Other Fetish Interests:

1. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism
2. Honesty
3. Good conversation
4. Intelligent people


1. Ignorance
2. People that can't pay attention to detail
4. Non-contributors
5. People posting copyrighted material thinking it's their "right"
6. Complaining about the quality or content of my work, without ever considering making work of your own for others to crit to death
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
discuss ideas, opinions, and experiences
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
a session with Angel for the site