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JohnC I m wanting ­process one ­nice girl..a­s meat... an­d I would li­ke make some­ manips of t­his process.­..
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Consensual fetishs , Bellybutts R' Us , Deadly BDSM & Torture , Debreasting , Debreasting2 , Disembowelments, guttings & eviscerations , Epicurean Corner , Exsanguination , Female Meat Market , Female Snuff Video Clip Request Line , PKF STUDIOS , Preparation for execution by a female executioner , The Cannibal Pot , The Cannibals , torture in real life
Basic Personal Information
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About Me
Who I Am:
I know how to separate fantasy and reality.
I like sports like dive, roller, bike and don't like football, because its a hard
I can consider that I m a gentleman, even in the darkest fantasies, and I believe that Masters or Dominant men don't needs be rude (only if this is requested). Orders can be spoken in natural tone, maybe sometimes carefully, but strong.
I like talk with women, and like a lot talk with smart women.
I m married, but my wife don't like nothing more vanilla sex, and I don't want commitments or durable relationships.
My english is not very good, and my native language is portuguese.
Favorite Quote:
"A dream that someone dream alone, is only only one dream that someone dream alone, but a dream that we dream together is reality" (Raul Seixas -Brasilian singer)
"One point can be one universe, in the imagination science"(me)
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
I like consensual cannibalism and Gynophagia in detailed and graphic RPs, with slow gutting, dismemberment, organs removing, vivissection, skinning. prefereably alive, then beheading, but I dont want be called Killer, only a Butcher.
but never with girls under 18 y o.
I can make manips (photo-manipulations) in pics of my female friends, I don't want show this in my albuns or profile, then I will give to who asked and appear in pics, and she can post, giving the credits, if want.
I m in Second Life 3D world, where Some people already told that I m one of the best Dolcett/Snuff theme devices maker.
I can told that in this RPs I m a butcher, but gentleman, because i like give love time to meats.
Other Fetish Interests:
See one woman folowing my orders to play with herself, with tortures in her limits, and having orgasms with this, in videoconference.
Snuff and torture without limits sometimes in RP and graphics.
Sometimes I can make no consensual RPs or tortures, but I m not good in this.
In Real life I like submissive girls and BDSM with care.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
In my Second Life RPs, almost all time I butcher my girls after romantic moments, to give theyr last time of love, and I try be romantic at least in butchering time.
In real videoconferences I like give orders to somethings, that maybe cause pain, but all to pleasure.
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
I m a economic Cannibal in RL, I prefer lick and give a litle bite in female (only female) meat, without remove nothing, to don't spend her.
I already meet some of my internet female friends, but only had sex/BDSM sessions with 2 women that i knew in Second life and othe fetish chat, and we had a lot of pleasure.
Then, if I can meet some other woman that want meet in person, we can be only friends that chat about our fantasies, or have wonderful sex time.