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About Me
Who I Am:

I am JohnM and I own PKF Studios. My goal, is to have a strong, successful company that is always growing and improving for my customers. To achieve this, it has to be true to various aspects of the fantasy by respectfully and with the utmost quality, produce artistic, sometimes explicit, movies that appeal to like-minded, mature, adults.

The journey has been long. Back in high school I was producing my first movies of various content including horror. Upon graduation, I lived in California for a time and pursued a film career, but, mostly, I just had fun. Realizing I did not quite have the obsession, luck and drive I would need to even get that coveted actor--waiter job, I headed back to Oregon. I finished with a degree in business and marketing, while still dabbling in photography and video. Eventually, I found Necrobabes and by fall of 1997, I was producing content under a company that I helped form called Ruemogue. With my partner, we provided 100’s movies and 1000’s of photos to the budding necro community. In fall of 2006, I left Ruemorgue and started my own company, PKF Studios and since then have added over 3000 movies, many of them shot and edited by me.

I am very hands on with my company both with the product and my customers. I shoot most of the movies. Each movie is then edited by me to exacting standards. What you see is what I want you to see--from movies shot with the smoothness of a jib or steadicam to the shakiness of a handheld shot, it is all to achieve a mood--a feel. Every movie is shot with the best equipment I can afford, layered with separately mic’ed digital audio. Today, all moves are shot in 1920x1280 resolution and presented in true high-definition, 1280X720 in most cases. But, my greatest skill and joy is the editing process. From color correcting each sequence, matching audio, watching for shadows and blinks, my goal is to limit your distractions when watching the movie. It has been my experience that to truly enjoy a movie, you should not have to worry about anything else, but let yourself be drawn into the story and, regardless of your reason your watching it, my goal is to limit your distraction, such as technical errors or editing faux pas. In the end, my job is to present you entertainment, pure and simple, yet with surprising quality and the passion to please.

Over the years, I have expanded. While erotic-horror is still the main focus for my PKF line of movies, I am not an "one trick pony". Currently, we produce a variety of other content. SUPERHEROINE, FREEZE, TIME STOP, ROBOT, ALIEN, MONSTER, MEDICAL, SHRINK, TABOO and Other Fetishes. We can produce anything, from mainstream adult content to bizarre fetish. If your interested in something produced to your tastes, check out the custom section below.


Yeah, ok, here is the heavy stuff. Please, do not post full length or even short samples of my movies. I already have a section for that and do it myself. There are a few folks that have posted in the past and if they are still up, they probably have my permission. You can post as many photos and vidcaps from my movies as you want, just credit my company.

And finally, I enjoy fantasy horror erotica myself. I think it was 8 or 9 when I first had an idea that I liked playing dead or watching others play dead, but I did not address it in an obvious way until I was 19. I went a few years, making clip tapes and buying from one of the only producers around at that time, WAVE. But, in 1996, everything change for me and I am not only fulfilling my fetish needs, but others as well and that, my friends, makes me very happy.

Thanks for listening,
Favorite Quote:
“It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.” --Douglas Adams
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Asphyxia by garrote and then, specifically, the last moments and the victims fades away and the initial acknowledgment of her death by the killer.

Other Fetish Interests:
Shooting, Stabbing, Dolcett, Gore, Hanging, Drowning, Hand Strangle and anything with Taboo themes. Also, I like Anime, especially mega gory stuff.

What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Promote me, my company. Talk about things of interest. Chat with people with mutual interest. Check out profiles, and just hang out and have fun. I also have a second life profile. I don't get on it much, but would like to. My name there is SirMarshall.

What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Depending on your gender, and what you look like, I may want to play with your boobs. But, I would certainly ask first because...I am a gentleman.