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TORTURER4 :Heavy REAL ­LIFE torture­? my email: ­dashiell651@­
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females are born to be tortured , females tortured to death , the beauty of torture! , torture in real life , WORLD TORTURE ORDER FOR FEMALES , EwP FanGroup , SKLAVINNENMARKT, please comment the pics , _secret_suspension_society , "Fans of Laura strangled" , 24/7 Slavery , 3D Electro Art , AOH (arms overhead) bondage/torture fans , At the Whipping Post , belly punching and tit punching , BLOODY BELLY BUTTON'S , Burnt Witch Appreciation , Caged Slavegirls , Crucified females , Cunt Hunt , Deadly BDSM & Torture , Death by Slow Torture , Debreasting , Debreasting2 , ELECTRICITY , Elite Hunting , EVIL PAOLA'S MANY DEATHS , Extreme Folter an Frauen , Female Meat Market , Female prison for sexual crimes , Genitals - torturing, mutilating, removing. , Historic Tortures and Crucifixions , Human Sacrifice , Impalement , Navel Nuts , PKF STUDIOS , Pussy Torture , REAL OFFLINE MEETUPS , Sexual Sadism , SKLAVINNENMARKT II, please comment the pics , Slavery Art , Stalking and Kidnap Club , Tit hanging , tit torture , Torturing Unwilling Victims , Witchhunter/Hexenjäger
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (61 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
I am a total sadist, age 59, very very experienced and I TORTURE willing female victims, preys or slaves, consensual/non-consensual, at my place, in Luxembourg. If you are a real painslut or ready to be tortured in REAL life, apply! Because I am a very experienced torturer... I can accomodate for more or less long periods... Torture every day for hours and hours. . My yahoo nick: roubacx3 or skype nick: masterluxbg
Favorite Quote:
only tortured females are good und useful females; in REAL life!
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
torture, whips, brandings, dolcetting, slavery and all related matters; I am deeply convinced that females are born and build for torture!
Other Fetish Interests:
many people are fond of snuff, hanging, impaling etc; I think thats by far too limited or rapid; if a female, especially a younger and well build female, has to be killed finally, she MUST BE SLOWLY TORTURED TO DEATH, and not rapidly ended...
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
talk about real life tortures and slavery and organize it