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TheHotOne Looking for ­a strapon Mi­stress
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Breast hanging / Tit hanging , Buried alive , Cannibal Pig Pen , Castrated by Women , CBT , Choking on Cock , Cock sounding , cooked during Sex / served during sex / "fucking with meat after cooking" , Deadly BDSM & Torture , Death by Slow Torture , Disembowelments, guttings & eviscerations , Dolcett Girls , dolcett restaurant , Dolcett-Geschichten , EVIL SADISTIC WOMEN! , Female Cock Collectors , Femcans , Fisting , Genitals - torturing, mutilating, removing. , Impalement , kitchen , Male Death Fantasies , Male Meat , male Testicle Torture , Müllentsorgung und Müllfetisch , oven baked girl/guy dolcett style , Penis Guillotine , REAL OFFLINE MEETUPS , Skinned & Barbecued Cock , Strap On Women doing men , The Cannibal Pot , The Cannibals , The Torture Crew , Tit hanging , tit torture , Toilet Girls , torture in real life , Zoophilia
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (43 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
I'm a single male of 42 years old living in east belgium and speeking french.
I'm addict to dolcett fantasies ! LOL

If you like the next parts of my profile, send me a little message to experiment some new fantaisies ! :-)))

Go to visit my tumblr blog to learn more what i like :

Tor: ytkr2wok2z6r4fj7
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
I wanted to be used as a male meat, i mean being prepared slowly to be roasted. This will consist of tied me, oil me, stuff my ass with food of all kind with your hands, seringue or strapon to push it more deep as it's possible in me. Then you can abuse of my all tied body as you like and then heat me slowly for fun !

>>>>>> See 'Comments' tab to learn about my main fantasy

I like extreme fantasies when talking, exchange ideas, pictures, drawings ... but in real life i only enjoy submission with no blood, and no hard pain, but most psycological games with light bdsm.

Other Fetish Interests:
Spitt roasting, tits torture, penectomy, gynophagia, food and messy games, bondage, strapon, cock crushing, glory holes, ....

I mostly prefer to be the 'sub' but i also take pleasure being the dominant.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Exchange fantasies, art and pictures, discuss of extreme ideas (more that I would like to do in reallife) and why not if desire of both some real roleplay dates to plan ... :-)
Some webcam roleplay ans submition (SKYPE: thehotone666)
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Roleplay of dolcett games especialy femcan is my favorite, simulating some dolcett stories and take then in pictures or video would be great also.
In fact, all kind of games of submission light BDSM (femdom, strapon, veggies,wax games, sounding cock, ...) but not extreme torture.
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