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Alfred wants to he­ar: how woul­d you rape, ­torture (and­ possibly sn­uff) the bus­ty MILF in m­y albums?
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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (55 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
I am addicted to interrogation stories, cruel, sadistic, violent ones. The occasional (gang) rape added for variety. The victim taken down a spiral of humiliation, pain and agony, terror, despair... her body bruised, bloodied, mutilated... destroyed. With or without a deadly ending.
In my "toolbox" album I have collected instruments of torture that I like to imagine used on the tender flesh of the helpless nude victims.
Thinking about my own wife (check out my albums for nude and semi-nude pics of her) in such situations inevitably gets me hard and excited. I therefore invite other users to send me a story or photo manip about my sexy MILF being raped, tortured, snuffed...
She could be arrested in a far-away country for (possibly faked) drug or espionage charges, to disappear in prison for days, for weeks... to be raped and tortured. Or kidnapped from the safety of our home by a criminal organisation, to extract information from her about documents I may or may not have stolen from them, sending me photos of her in increasingly desolate condition, or video messages that go like "please give them what they want, or they are going to kill me...." You get the idea...
I will post interrogation stories or episodes that friends wrote for me, and I invite you all to let your dark fantasies run wild and contribute your own stories, or send me photo manips of her what she will look like during or after these rape or torture sessions. Add your comments here, or mail me at (I also use YM with that address. We can also do an "interactive" interrogation session on YM, if you like).
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
* women in (serious) distress, agony, pain
* cruel, sadistic interrogation of women
* cruel, sadistic interrogation of my sweet wife (check out her nude pics and write me how YOU would use or abuse her...)
* whipping
* beating (with fists, clubs, iron rods) and kicking
* electro torture
* burning, branding
* slashing and slicing (preferably applied to the tits)
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Chat with fellow sadists about cruelly interrogating or otherwise torturing women. If you have a wife, girlfriend or ex you want raped or tortured, send me some sexy pics of her; I can assure you we can exchange some very nasty ideas for her and for my hot MILF wife.
I did a few exchanges with other guys which we called the "wife screaming contest": he kidnaps my wife to rape and torture her, tells me about it and maybe even sends photos. To take my revenge, I kidnap his wife and do the same, tell him about her suffering, and maybe send pics... We both can't stop, and the violence continues... ..
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
nothing, these things are strictly not for the real world...