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David wants to be ­butchered li­ke a pig
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EwP FanGroup , SKLAVINNENMARKT, please comment the pics , Angel Lust , ANNABELLESFANTASY , AOH (arms overhead) bondage/torture fans , Best of Hanging , Castrated , Castrated by Women , CBT , Clit Cutting , Consensual fetishs , Coven of Satan , Crucified females , Cunt Hunt , Deadly BDSM & Torture , Debreasting2 , Deutsche Dolcett/Snuff Geschichten , Disembowelments, guttings & eviscerations , Elite Hunting , Executions , Female Cock Collectors , Female Executioner , Female Meat Market , Female Snuff Video Clip Request Line , Frauen für den Strick/Woman for the noose , Genitals - torturing, mutilating, removing. , Hanging , Hanging Upside Down , Hanging&bondage , Headless females , Headsman's Block , Hinrichtung durch Atemkontrolle , Human Nullification, Body Modding & Plastination Art , Impalement , Kidnapping Roleplay , Longstaff Prod - Hangings , Male Beheading , Male Death Fantasies , Male Meat , male Testicle Torture , Meat-packing plant , mother-daughter sets , Penis Guillotine , PKF STUDIOS , Plastination, Human Taxidermy and Konservation of Dead People , REAL OFFLINE MEETUPS , Reale Fantasien......... , schlachtung , ShortDrop-Hanging , Skinned & Barbecued Cock , The Cannibals , The human butchery , The Stranglers Play Room , Toe Tag Team , Trophy Heads , VERDUGOS EXECUTIONERS , White meat for black cannibals , Zuchtstuten und Nutzvieh - broodmares and livestock
Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (56 years old)
New Zealand
About Me
Who I Am:
Im a kiwi from downunder that loves driving nude and I stop on the side of roads and walk about nude and I do this on the off chance that someone will see me and take hold of my balls and cut them off. My passion is writing erotic gore stories.
I love the idea of dolcett, hanging females etc
Favorite Quote:
Be free be nude
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Cock and ball torture i just love the idea of mine being cut off. i walk local forests on the off chance that hunters will mistake me for a wild pig and hunt me for my jewels
Other Fetish Interests:
being Hanged nude,Being Beheaded
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Share pictures and stories
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Hope that they will deal to me like i want to be done
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