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Posted: 16-Feb-2017 - 2 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

 A friend recently posted a representation of herself as a dominatrix; leather or latex, check; thigh-high boots, check; harness, check; whip, check; confident attitude, check. Yep, she's a dominatrix. A really, really sexy one. Add to that I got a message of a type I get about every six months here-"Mistress So-and-So would love to talk to you; write me at"

But why? What makes a dominatrix so sexy? If this were real life and there were no other cosiderations (i.e., my wife), this is how the conversation would go:

Friend: "Well? Do you like my new look?"

Fisher: "Wow, yes! That's really hot!"

Friend: "Do you want some of what I've got?"

Fisher: "Yeah!"

Friend: "Okay." (Sound of whip hissing through air).


Fisher: "WhoaeeOOOOOWWWW! YYYEEEOOOWWWWWW............"

Not my idea of fun or sexy. Yet, for as long as I can remember, I've loved the look. Here are my thoughts:

1) Female shape; a dominatrix dresses to accent her form, perhaps because it exerts influence over men.

2) Lots of skin visible in a harness for th esame reason.

3) Confidence; who has heard of a timid dominatrix? And who makes the better lover? The assertive lover who steps in to take what they want, or th epassive lover who waits for you to do everything.

4) A touch of the forbidden; women don't dress this way everyday in public; that puts their outfit on a par with sex in the child's mind; something mysterious and exciting.

5) Scary; that whip, those handcuffs...they stir up a bit of fear, and that "stirred up" spills over into teh OTHER kind of arousal.


So, anyone want to add any thoughts?

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