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Posted 12 hour(s) ago by MsPeachieRocks
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  When we first met, the dolls were asked some questions about what they wanted from me besides being a doll. How extreme did they ...
Posted 15 hour(s) ago by Kitten
17 views, 1 comments
  theres much about every aspect of life that is a violently alternating antagonism of expulsion and absorption love and hate for ...
Posted 22 hour(s) ago by Fenotrin
34 views, 0 comments
-Jimmy, jobb ha ezt nem szúrod el! -Katherine, csináltam már ilyet korábban, tudom mit teszek! -Most viszont nem az egyik kis üre...
Posted 1 day(s) ago by Jo
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     2. In den Bereichen Die komplette Geschichte findet ihr unter
Posted 1 day(s) ago by Susan Coquin
241 views, 7 comments
Continued from Caribbean Tarot Dare 4       Janice's body swung out. The noose cut into her neck. Her face turne...
Posted 2 day(s) ago by Pjotr
453 views, 3 comments
  Es hat ungefähr drei Jahre gedauert, solange hat es für die komplett ausgearbeitete Geschichte gebraucht, die nun auch als Buch...
Posted 2 day(s) ago by Vincent
95 views, 0 comments
*Author's note: this is an attempt of mine to write something darker than I usually do. Amy is inspired by beautiful spirit and photos of...
Posted 2 day(s) ago by Kitten
53 views, 1 comments
  do you know why i cant take my eyes off of you because i know deep down inside your so hot you must be to good for me i learned ...
Posted 2 day(s) ago by Uncle Buck Simpson
34 views, 0 comments
Refer to Olaf's Messages in the Bill of Fare for his poster of "Dangerous Greed". The barbarian, Averia plays on the Amazon, Thyarm...
Posted 2 day(s) ago by CS Fisher
142 views, 0 comments
  This is actually an extended caption for an image posted by ~S-Maria-S~ in her album Tentacles Dreams:   [http://darkfe...