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544 members, led by Clowny - updated 2 day(s) ago
This is the group for all registered users of the network, where they can leave feedback, discuss and suggest things and ask for support. If you've come to some bug or design flaw, have any kind of problem with anything or just want to give suggestion(s) to improve the project - you are welc...
160 members, led by ☠ Revy ☠ - updated 2 day(s) ago
***READ RULES*** You MUST contact Revy directly in order to join. No exceptions. This DFN group is for the sharing and voting on the different monthly fetish contests we will be holding for FREE PREMIUM memberships. For the next few months here on DFN, we will be holding contests on who writes...
516 members, led by Hadrian - updated 5 day(s) ago
Feel free to say what's on your mind.
12 members, led by Headless - updated 3 minute(s) ago
For the men out there who want someone to take the cocks off either by force or volunteering it for eatting
623 members, led by Preydragon Fukano - updated 21 minute(s) ago
Men who had cut off the head of the cock, and men who had complete removal of the cock, but without losing the bag with the testicles. They still attracted to a woman but could not fuck. THIS GROUP IS NOT TO REMOVAL TESTICLES, THIS GROUP IS ONLY TO REMOVAL PENIS OR GLANS.
209 members, led by Diomedes Strang - updated 1 hour(s) ago
A Country with strict laws and proper punishment Ein Land mit strengen Gesetzen und angemessenen Strafen
468 members, led by The Griffin - updated 1 hour(s) ago
The lighter side of cannibalism where the beautiful people come to devour the even more beautiful and those of us who see humor in everything are welcome to post the images and stories that express our fantasies… SPECIAL NOTE: Ninja 5 the founder of this group and the source of most of the ima...
136 members, led by John Locksmith - updated 2 hour(s) ago
This is a group for men interested in the subject of suicide. Let's exchange our phantasies and only phantasies or photos and manips. No real suicide is meant here.
44 members, led by Masogabi - updated 2 hour(s) ago
Hallo Dies ist eine Gruppe in Deutsch wo man reale Fantasien rein schreiben kann die auch wirklich machbar sind. Es geht hier vorallem um sehr extreme Praktiken an an Frauen die durch schmerz zu harten Orgassmen kommen sollen. Bitte beschreibt auch die Praktiken damit versucht werden kann sie auc...
57 members, led by Women Shot - updated 2 hour(s) ago
This group is a place for everyone who loves to see women wear elegant shirts or blouses and especially to see them riddled with bullets while wearing such an outfit! Fell free to share your favourite screencaps, gifs, manips or maybe even a photo of elegant girl you would like to see manipulate...
8 members, led by Necro Gay - updated 3 hour(s) ago
Hi everybody, Who never though to be killed and after, his killer take care of his dead body adn humiliate him ? There, we can ask for roleplay, share pics, stories,... :)
337 members, led by Tom - updated 3 hour(s) ago
Femdom Petplay Deutschsprachige Rollenspiel und Kopfkino Group. Weibliche "Züchtertinnen" gerne willkommen -Männer als Tiere von Damen gehalten -Entfuehrung+Versklavung -Stallhaltung -Zwangsentsamung/ Milking -Kastration/Schlachtung/Verarbeitung
62 members, led by Nightliner - updated 4 hour(s) ago
für alle die Füsse zum ( Fressen ) gerne haben!
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