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245 members, led by Revy - updated 12 hour(s) ago
This DFN group is for the sharing and voting on the different monthly fetish contests we will be holding for FREE PREMIUM memberships. For the next few months here on DFN, we will be holding contests on who writes the best story in the selected fetish category for that month. There will be 3 w...
428 members, led by Clowny - updated 2 day(s) ago
This is the group for all registered users of the network, where they can leave feedback, discuss and suggest things and ask for support. If you've come to some bug or design flaw, have any kind of problem with anything or just want to give suggestion(s) to improve the project - you are welc...
356 members, led by Hadrian - updated 2 day(s) ago
Feel free to say what's on your mind.
354 members, led by Hotlicks - updated 12 minute(s) ago
Most of us who belong to DFN sign up under an alias and have profile pics which are not us and we don't pretend they are. That's fine and given the nature of the site that is understandable and adds to the fun. Many members do not want their true identity known, either by their real nam...
12 members, led by Andrey Sidelev - updated 26 minute(s) ago
a new species of marine jivotnye of female swimmer ( seafood )
194 members, led by Coroner - updated 3 hour(s) ago
Fantasy group devoted to the morgue scenes in movies and TV series. The group rules are simple: 1. No real death! 2. No underage characters! 3. No manips / drawings! 4. No old pics already posted in other groups, such as Dead Sexy Women, or elsewhere on the web. 5. Along with each picture you upl...
80 members, led by Matt Nicholson - updated 4 hour(s) ago
There are all sorts of cannibal groups out there, but this one specializes in breasts and nipples. Consider it a very intimate form of tit torture if you like. In any case, join up. Talk. Post pictures of cooked tits, carved tits, or just tits you'd like to see cooked. Stories are great, ...
2010 members, led by Tom Zatapa - updated 4 hour(s) ago
Tummelplatz für alle, die sich lieber auf Deutsch unterhalten wollen. Nachdem die alte Gruppe plötzlich von der Bildfläche verschwunden war, hier jetzt die Neuauflage... Anmelden kann sich jedes registrierte Mitglied, ansonsten gelten die allgemeinen Spielregeln von dfn... Hier wird kein spezi...
533 members, led by Thx1139 - updated 5 hour(s) ago
Discussion/reviews of hitting, slapping, and punching in mainstream and custom photos and vids (subjects in which the victim is at least topless preferred but this may not always be the case).
37 members, led by Whore Torturer - updated 5 hour(s) ago
Whether for Sport or Simple Lust, unsuspecting objects of Our Desires shall be Stalked and Seized; Enslaved and Abused; Tortured and Terminated in accordance with our Whims.... Let the Fun Begin!
668 members, led by RJ - updated 5 hour(s) ago
A group for all those guys out there who fantasise about becoming meat for men AND women. Anyone can join this group.
475 members, led by Piskun - updated 7 hour(s) ago
Only woman. No any man.
1055 members, led by Revy - updated 10 hour(s) ago
A group for those into the fantasy of women giving up their clits.
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