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140 members, led by ☠ Revy ☠ - updated 9 hour(s) ago
***READ RULES*** You MUST contact Revy directly in order to join. No exceptions. This DFN group is for the sharing and voting on the different monthly fetish contests we will be holding for FREE PREMIUM memberships. For the next few months here on DFN, we will be holding contests on who writes...
517 members, led by Clowny - updated 1 day(s) ago
This is the group for all registered users of the network, where they can leave feedback, discuss and suggest things and ask for support. If you've come to some bug or design flaw, have any kind of problem with anything or just want to give suggestion(s) to improve the project - you are welc...
482 members, led by Hadrian - updated 13 day(s) ago
Feel free to say what's on your mind.
16 members, led by Spießbraten - updated 24 minute(s) ago
Hier sind alle Willkommen die die der deutschen Sprache mächtig sind und den selben Fetisch wie ich haben also immer rein hier. Geschichten zu dem Thema sind gern gesehn nur nichts mit kleinen kindern oder tieren und bitte keine themenfremde inhalte ihr dürft gerne fotos und geschichten hochla...
43 members, led by Silk - updated 42 minute(s) ago
Guys can be put in danger or killed because of how they love to live. The pleasure makes the risk worthwhile there is no better way for some of us to be.Can anything feel as good as stockings with suspenders?Can anything look more pretty than a matching bra and panties?
107 members, led by Noosewoman - updated 44 minute(s) ago
Whatever method you fancy Let's discuss your favourite method or appropriate method preparaing for your imminent execution .......lets start with 7 days before the execution, then 5 days , then 3 days , then 24 hours ......
1823 members, led by Michael S - updated 2 hour(s) ago
For pictures of beheadings, girls about to be, or should be, please post liberally, as this seems to be the only group specifically about this.
580 members, led by EatMyFeet Eat(my)feet - updated 3 hour(s) ago
A group for footcannibals or others who prefer only foot flesh and for their victims. You would like to torture, to disassemble and possibly eat female or male feet. Or you like to have this done on your own feet. You’d like to tie your victim before using different tools for torture, for cutti...
1123 members, led by Jane Donner - updated 5 hour(s) ago
Females who want to collect cocks in fantasy or have a collection. Male donors are welcome Must be at least 18 years old.
615 members, led by Syncret - updated 6 hour(s) ago
A group for anyone turned on by gunshots or arrows to the breasts.
9 members, led by FucknBANG - updated 7 hour(s) ago
A group for anyone turned on by chicks strapped to, in the vicinity of or stuffed with explosives and/or being blown up
1185 members, led by Pouget Dalmas - updated 8 hour(s) ago
Sometimes and arrow or a knife in my bbutton isn't enough - sometimes I dream of the ultimate, of being run through by an impaling. So, this is where I want to share this fantasy. Enjoy...PP xxx
3265 members, led by Kinslayer - updated 11 hour(s) ago
For all of you who enjoy hanging as a form of execution. All hanging methods will be discussed here - the long drop, the medium drop, the short drop and the suspension (string up) method. This group is for both "hangmans" and those who fantasize about being hanged by the neck. The group...
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