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575 members, led by Clowny - updated 4 hour(s) ago
This is the group for all registered users of the network, where they can leave feedback, discuss and suggest things and ask for support. If you've come to some bug or design flaw, have any kind of problem with anything or just want to give suggestion(s) to improve the project - you are welc...
269 members, led by ☠ Revy ☠ - updated 18 hour(s) ago
***READ RULES*** You MUST contact Revy directly in order to join. No exceptions. This DFN group is for the sharing and voting on the different monthly fetish contests we will be holding for FREE PREMIUM memberships. For the next few months here on DFN, we will be holding contests on who writes...
541 members, led by Hadrian - updated 2 week(s) ago
Feel free to say what's on your mind.
32 members, led by GONDWANA - updated 8 hour(s) ago
图像坑 This is the group where you can view, narrate, comment and post all your; "G-reat I-magery F-etishes"
1476 members, led by MAV - updated 2 day(s) ago
Worshipping the best bondage position for WOMEN: strung up AOH by the wrists, their bodies and curves taut ready for torture or ravishing which their are helpless to resist! Check out pics as well as video links in the discussions section!
673 members, led by Deter Brown - updated 3 day(s) ago
the art of tit and nipple torture..very heavy...
688 members, led by TORTURER4 - updated 3 day(s) ago
Torture is the ultimate beauty for naked female flesh. If a young or/and well build female is tortured during hours and hours, in real life: arched out, or elongated on the rack, or crucified, or tied in an X-frame, or hanging by her udders, opened, spread, squirming, "dancing" under th...
135 members, led by Glenn Sander - updated 4 day(s) ago
Eine Gruppe für alle, die ihre BDSM und Snuff Phantasien lieber mit Frauen mittleren bis reifen Alters zelebrieren. Austausch erwünscht! Wie regt es Euch am meisten an – was macht Ihr mit ihnen? Ach ja, und nicht nur die Herren der Schöpfung. Es soll ja auch Mädels geben, die sich über M...
1430 members, led by Petra - updated 5 day(s) ago
Mädels und Frauen werden gekidnapped - gefesselt, entführt - versklavt und abgerichtet - grausam verhört - vor Fremden erniedrigt - bei Ungehorsam schwer bestraft, vorzugsweise Pulloverträgerinnen und Sweatergirls. Ich freue mich über jeden klugen Kommentar unter de...
990 members, led by Den CnB - updated 6 day(s) ago
Caged Slaves can be used for anything. For work, for auction, for slaughter etc. Although the cage is not a torture by itself, it's obviously a cruel means of it, since the slave doesn't know how long it would take to get rid of it and what is coming after that.
768 members, led by KOS420 - updated 6 day(s) ago
This group is for those (women or men) who have been thinking about or have decided that they want (or need) to be slowly and agonzingly tortured to death. And for those sadists who have the fantasy to torture a willing victim to death..especially if the victim changes her/ his mind after the tor...
195 members, led by Emily The Spy - updated 6 day(s) ago
Bound and beaten, whether with a whip or cane, whether slave or prisoner, we must be broken!
6 members, led by DMZ - updated 7 day(s) ago
This group is explicitly for White Dominant Men and the submissive nigger women we take pleasure in using. Racial language will be used in this group. This is not a personals page or an advertising page, any comments or topics deemed to be in those categories will be deleted and the poster will b...
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