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Ray yearns for t­he hangnoose­.
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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (35 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
The luckiest man! That's me over there in the picture, strangling on the noose, with a nicely engorged hanging erection bouncing and flopping as I struggle! Does it get any better than that!?..oh, wait...wait...I'm blowing my load!!!
Favorite Quote:
You need to strangle, while you dangle!
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
****Experiencing my agonizingly prolonged strangling death at rope's end: naked short drop hanging, arms tied behind, knees and ankles bound, spaced about 6"(15cm) apart, swinging off a ladder or tall stool, noose snug, no slack, strangling nicely on 3/4"(20mm) rope. Hopefully I'd retain conscious awareness, well over a minute, experiencing the sensations of hanging, suspended by the neck: turning and swaying, body elongating, struggling against ropes binding my legs and arms, crushing, inexorable strangulation! Life coming to a swaying, mesmerizing halt where the rope loops over and ends: partially open, unresponsive eyes, swollen, dark, protruding tongue, foaming drool running off, brownish-purple rope groove, engorged hanging erection; my medals of valour, for my tour of duty on the noose! My hangwoman will distribute her photos of my death by hanging on the internet, posted with others strangled in the rope's embrace; I will have earned my place among the hanged!
Other Fetish Interests:
****Completing the hangnoose's death dance with a willing partner, proudly fulfilling a mutually inspired hanging pact; also participation in a consensual group hanging of beautiful women: it's ONLY women, in my fantasies! I'm drawn to some garotte and pole-hanging imagery; however, these have none of the allure of short drop hanging; for some reason, unknown to myself, hanging fantasies and imagery have fascinated me for as long as I can remember.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
****It's primarily a visual thing; I'm not as much into role-playing. Hopefully you can find some pics you like; they're there to share! I'm completely amazed by the interest; clearly, many are drawn to hanging imagery! I've enjoyed sending messages back and forth, and like getting communications and comments from new (some now not so new!) freaky people, I like adding new freaks to my friends list (it's a quick, easy way to tell when they update their photo albums and profiles), and I certainly want all this to continue; luckily, there are a lot of you fellow freaks out there, SO FUCKIN' MANY CRAZY PEOPLE, I can't believe it! I think it's great; it certainly makes me feel all self-assured and good about myself! You think I'm crazy, LOOK AT THEM! THEM!
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
****Have good, recreational, consensual, fetishistic fun: let's express our fantastic darker selves! I just can't believe all these weirdos who put "Nothing" in this section; how lame is that!? Come on Sweetie, let's get noosed!