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Posted at 22:29 on 16-Jan-2012
As you all know, real nooseplay or gasper video's are very rare. Since they are very personal, I imagine most of them have never been seen by and will never be seen by the public. By what I mean by real nooseplay or gasper videos are they are real in the sense that the girl hung is doing it without a harness and is into hanging. Most of the commercial hanging video are staged with actresses that probably aren't into hanging and done with harnesses with a few rare exceptions.

But lets talk about the ones we have been able to see. There are some good ones out there.

Here are the ones I have seen myself.

The classic ones are of Bodangles and his wife Tracy and her sister Monique. Likely the first hanging videos posted on the internet. There are several. Unfortunately the video are old, little and grainy. My guess is that they no longer hang anymore.

Probably the newest ones out there are the ones made by Chase. He is here on DFN and some of his videos are posted here. He has gotten at least two girls to hang for him. One is named Erica, the other named Jordan. What is going for his videos are that they are clear and fairly big and his girls are very cute and topless. Hopefully he will be able to make more in the future.

There are a few videos from commercial sources.

There were quite of few from galagallery. There were two girls that hanged. They no longer are around due to injuries to the guy-hangman. Most were not with rope nooses but with something padded (I don't know what).

There is one from Asia from a place a site called Dragon Image Co. Its a torture video for most of the video, but at the end, the girl is strung up naked. Its a clear video, the model is nude and hanged without her hands tied or anything. Its the one where it fades to black and white.

Another one is from Japan, its from cocoa soft. . Its the one with five camera angles. The girl is nude, and steps off a chair and a girl lowers her when she cannot step back on the chair. There seems to be a new hanging video there, anybody see it yet? I haven't. Looks like a topless girl steps off a stool.

There were three little grainy videos from a long gone site, "ultimate something" but I can't remember the name (I believe the guy running it passed away, and the site vanished). Its a nude girl who looks like she hangs stepping on and off a little stool.

Then there are a few videos from insex. My favorite is hang and fuck. The girl is hanging more by her hair, but she is noosed and is strangling. They did a few tiptoe near hangings, a few on barrels. There was also a video where a girl in a white dress was pushed off a stool hangs free and is quickly lowered to the floor.

The last one is a recent one. Its from PKF-Dirty Deeds. Its called Real hanging necro. Most of it is the regular staged hanging that you see from them. But Lydia is hoisted off the floor without a harness in this one. Its very very very short (maybe 4-6 seconds).

OK, those are the ones I have seen. So have people seen any other ones that I didn't note? If you have, please tell. (and have links to copies!!! ha ha).


Posted at 11:45 on 11-Feb-2012
Yes, one I saw around the internet (and here, until videos went private) called "Couple plays erotic hanging." It involves a naked guy with his girlfriend/wife (not sure which) standing on a chair with a hood over her head and noosed, wearing what I think is a bra and panties (hard to tell). He pleasures her for a few seconds, then pulls the stool away. You can hear her actually choking until he holds her so she is no longer hanging, and the video ends.

No link, though.Sorry about that. If you're a premium member, you can find the video on this site. (I sadly do not have the funds for that.)
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Posted at 19:30 on 20-Mar-2012
There is this one which is horrible quality (taken on a cell phone it looks like) but it is very much real, and if you'r like me, you'd rather see her enjoy it and live to dance again. I too lament the rarity of good videos. Chase does do good work and I hope to join him soon in producing some quality videos. I have a girl that has agreed to hang for me and we are preparing to make some movies in the future. She's new to the rope and so we are going to start with a few photo shoots and get her used to the pressure and in the meantime I'm working on procuring a DSLR camera with HD video. None, I feel your pain. I eventually had to bite the bullet and get that premium membership because the videos on DFN are as good as it gets out there. It's worth it.
Posted at 17:02 on 23-Mar-2012
None, the video you are describing sounds like one of the Bodangles videos. It can be found in a few places around the internet.

Stan, that's great that you have a chance of making a hanging video. I hope you can get it done. Shelly seems like she will make a great noose dancer.
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Posted at 10:00 on 28-Mar-2012
One I haven't seen mentioned yet is a video Januss made for Retrotek's House of Gaspers many years ago. It shows Januss's friend Melissa being hanged nude and until unconscious, once in color and once in black and white.

Unfortunately the sequence seems to be only available as a low-resolution animated slideshow, presumably to cut down on bandwidth drain. I've seen some references to it having been once available in full form.
Posted at 08:29 on 3-Jun-2012
can someone please tell me where to find those videos
Posted at 09:59 on 3-Jun-2012
I've never been able to get much of a straight answer to what happened with Bodangles, but I'd heard that he had some legal troubles a few years ago, possibly related to his videos.

I'm not sure if it's Bodangles, or if it's just constantly attributed to him, but there is one that I enjoy that features a man hanging a hooded woman in what appears to be a hotel room. He sort of forcefully shoves her off a chair (kind of reckless since it produces an unacceptably long drop for what should be a nonfatal hanging) and walks to grab a camera. The woman seems to take exception to the pain and starts crying out, stifled though she is by the noose. I guess she says a safeword during her cries so the man abruptly goes back to get her down.
Posted at 04:18 on 4-Jun-2012
can someone please tell me where to find those videos
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Posted at 05:17 on 27-Jul-2012
Look at this :

but you have to pay to see it and they sell their vids only to japanese people.

And this :

but I didn't find the vid.

What is the title of the insex vid with the girl in a white dress, please?
Posted at 02:36 on 12-Aug-2012
any video of real hanging or nooseplay ?
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