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[User Deleted]
Posted at 00:53 on 27-Oct-2010
i think their is nuthik better than punching my guill frend in her belly,till she orgasoms what do you think
Posted at 02:53 on 27-Oct-2010
i know i like it, lov to have a vib on my pussy and have the breath knocked from me mmmmmmmmmmmm
[User Deleted]
Posted at 05:18 on 20-Nov-2010
I like to tie a girl up so her breasts are hanging and use them for punching bags and occasionally punching her belly...sometimes course sand paper comes into play, but I am kind of fond of sandpaper torture.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 09:49 on 27-Jan-2011
cindy id love to punch you in your belly
[User Deleted]
Posted at 01:04 on 5-Mar-2011
for me it's a good training method too. it keeps me in shape to work on a punching bag. why not using a vicims body for it? its natural. punching her belly and tits while she is standing against a wall. for me its also natural to punch her legs and ass on the other side. if she does good she may be allowed to masturbate or use a vib.
Posted at 15:40 on 27-Apr-2011
love the punching bag ideas.... one of my oldest fantasies has been to get trapped in a really dirty men's gym, and have the men take turns using me as a punching bag. It's WEIRD, i know, but so hot.....!
[User Deleted]
Posted at 09:08 on 28-Apr-2011
I like to beat the girl in the stomach
Posted at 07:23 on 29-Aug-2011
what is the best thing to fill the belly with before punching?
Posted at 23:27 on 27-Sep-2012
I have had the opportunity to punch my girlfriend’s belly on a few occasions. To put it in context, the punching was part of her belly torture routine that I gladly inflicted upon her (and she seemed to like it most of the time). Her belly is somewhat plump with no muscle tone, which made for a soft target for my fist. She would either lie on the floor of her apartment, or I would have her stand against her bedroom wall. I prefer that she stands against the wall. It is easier to aim my punches and feels like a more natural position for driving my fist into her soft belly. I would first start with light punches to get her used to the impact and to allow me to gauge the feel of her belly. I would gradually increase the force of the punches until I could feel my fist begin to really sink into her belly, which made a nice slapping/popping sound. I would usually begin by punching her belly button several times to get her loosened up, but would eventually aim my punches to other areas of her belly. I liked planting my fist directly into her stomach, which sometimes made her double over for a moment. But within fifteen seconds or so, she was back up against the wall waiting for the next punch. In this case, I would be sure to aim for a different location on her belly. I also liked punching her a bit easier just underneath her rib cage on the right side, which she took very well. I would be sure to not miss the opportunity to land a firm punch in the area between her belly button and pubic bone. That particular area seemed very compliant, allowing my fist to easily sink in a few inches without any complaint from her. Depending on how much iced tea she drank that evening, I would sometimes land a carefully controlled punch directly above her pubic bone, hoping to push my fist into her semi-full bladder. Not to miss any areas of her belly, I would be sure to land a couple of gentler punches just above each of her hip bones. For some reason, she was a bit more sensitive to the punches that landed above her left hip bone. I was thinking her reaction to those punches would be more sensitive on the area above her right hip bone as I aimed my fist directly over her appendix. She was never really anxious to receive this kind of belly torture, but accepted it just the same. For me, the experience only left me wanting to do it again at my next opportunity.
Posted at 16:08 on 14-Oct-2012
mmmm, that sounds fun.....intersperse it with some light face slapping and it sounds like a perfect date night ;)
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