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Posted at 21:38 on 17-Nov-2015

I'd been self hanging and wanking off with dirty knickers from 11 to 23 unaware that some small thing going wrong could kill me.

When I was 23 I was still male and living with a slightly chubby dark hared beauty, the girl of my sexual dreams physically. She was 21 and A catholic virgin who wore long leg high strong nylon panty girdles and tights. The crotch of her dirty girdles always smelt strongly of her sex and really turned me on and I wanted to pretend she was acting out my fantasy - hanging me and watch me die smelling her sex. She was aware that even clean, her girdles smelt faintly of fanny

She finished work later than i did and wouldn't be back to our single room room with a sloping ceiling across which ran a beam. I'd been smoking hash and was horny. I decide to do what I done half a dozen times that hot summer: hang with one of her dirty girdles in a bag and masturbate into a condom as I leant forward on the pile of old books to tighten the noose as I came smelling her sex as I went light headed.

But this time, no books, she'd thrown them out, Instead, she had a pile of high gloss woman's magazines.
So instead of the books, I stacked them square under the noose tied round some nails in the beam, stood on them, bagged and noosed myself and tied it up tighter above my head- my hands I tied in front of me and carefully stepped over my tied wrists so that my right hand would be in front so I could masturbate. And did.

I was almost cummin when disaster struck!

My right heel went over and the movement caused the glossy magazines to slip away slightly.Hampered by my breath's condensation on the inside of the bag, and girdle I stepped badly and the magazines slipped even more. I tried to step back through my hands and almost made it before a slight wobble moved the glossies further apart.

Hands tied in front and behind me, I couldn't now get out of this. G/f would be home and find me hanged with her girdle, I remember finding the thought perversely erotic - part of me wanted her to find me. What would my parents think? What would my friend say. It seemed minutes were hours.

Then, the glossiy magazines now precariously poised, slid sideways and my stilettos had nothing to stand on.
The first half second, some crazy notion told me that if I didn't move, I wouldn't hang! Then I danced in wild panic with the noose rasping on the bag as it tightened with my every movement. I remember going round in a slow left had circle as I struggled (and cum loads i was unaware of)
then awakening on the floor, somehow the noose had come free of the nails and had slackened a little.

That doesn't happen twice! Don't try this at home - alone.

I hope you liked my story.

Take care

NooseLucy xx
[User Deleted]
Posted at 08:47 on 29-Apr-2016
great story, but better play in a secure way.