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Posted at 17:22 on 1-Jan-2011
Come on then, lets hear some of your darkest fantasy of being taken by women and used as their sextoy until you are considered worthless and broken by the sadistic bitches....Then what happens......?

What do they do to you...?

[User Deleted]
Posted at 18:34 on 1-Jan-2011
Mine would be more of an erotic suicide, willingly being hanged for both my and the hangwomans thrill.
It could be more of a hanging party with me as the guest of honor. Proud to be hanged for their pleasure. The women wouldn't have to be sadistic, just hot to get to watch a man hang up close and in person.
Posted at 18:45 on 1-Jan-2011
Not particularly sadistic themselves, but turned on, all the same. Fading into blackness surrounded by masturbating, moaning women would be hot!
[User Deleted]
Posted at 01:05 on 2-Jan-2011
One fantasy of mine is to be one of a group of condemmed slaves back in ancient Roman times. There would be about 20 of us men sentenced to die in the colleseum. We are led in and stripped and ordered to line up shoulder to shoulder - we would be sweaty and dirty and our wrists tied tight behind our backs.
The task of deciding how each of us dies is given to the Emperors wife (she asks for this pleasure as she really enjoys seeing men like us suffer).
She comes down the line - stopping in front of each man, examining him, seeing his manhood , and running her hands over him. Then depending on her whims she decides his fate. We are split into groups depending on what she has decided for us - some of us will hang, others for crucifixion, others for burning or breaking on the wheel, and others will be thrown to the lions and tigers they havve in a pit. None of us will escape, and how much pain and horror we have to endure is all in her hands.............
Posted at 03:44 on 2-Jan-2011
That sounds great Mark, would love to join you!
[User Deleted]
Posted at 04:18 on 2-Jan-2011
Boi said:

That sounds great Mark, would love to join you!

We would get aroused as she runs her hands over our chests, and then moves around behind us to breath on our necks. Our errections amuse her, she likes the fact that us strong virile men are now hers to decide what to do with. We see she has a smirk on her face as she has come up with an extra gruesome way for us to die for her
Posted at 10:25 on 2-Jan-2011
The wife decides on the mans torture and eventual execution by measuring our cocks as we line up, our hands bound, there is nothing we can do to arouse ourselves, we are limp at this stage with fear and we all fear having the smallest cock.

The ones with the smallest cocks suffer in agony for days as the wife and her daughter the princess enjoy to masturbate and get off on our suffering...

There are wooden contraptions all around stained with blood, there are the gallows, high for all to watch us dance, the impalement poles are secured firmly in the ground, and there is a pit where the strongest will be forced to fight one another to their deaths whilst having hot tar poured into the pit. There are crosses for crucifying the most unresponsive slaves-see when you are before the emperess and her daughter, if they get no response from fondling your cock and balls, or shoving a dildo into your ass, then- the cross is yours. Takes some slaves 10 days to die on these crosses!

It now stinks of piss and sweat as the two women make there way to their thrones, and we queue on our knees to see what fate they decide us. I can hear them giggling at us, this feels unreal but here we are...........
[User Deleted]
Posted at 10:58 on 2-Jan-2011
Our pain will be their pleasure. We must get ready to endure the awful wounds they will inflict on us.......
Posted at 12:48 on 2-Jan-2011
(I posted this already in the Willing Victims group, but I've not really been able to think of anything to add to it; it's my ultimate fantasy.)

I'd like a leather-clad dominatrix to hang me. Of course, just a simple hanging wouldn't be quite enough of a suitable end.

First, she would strip me down and force me into all manner of woman's fetish clothing. French maid outfits are nice, but there are other lovely ensembles. Perhaps even a renaissance style dress along with a tight corset. She would also apply makeup and a long wig to me, feminizing me as much as possible. Depending on her mood, she might take some liberties with a strap-on before my execution.

Before the hanging, she would naturally have to bind me tightly to prevent any resistance. She'd strap my arms behind my back with a belt, and then tie my wrists with rope. At this point she forces me to step atop a flimsy wooden chair. As I no longer need to walk anywhere, she would also tie my ankles and knees. Finally, she'd silence me with a ball-gag.

The dominatrix would now slide the noose around my neck and tighten it, and then adjust the rope to remove all slack and force me up on my toes. Hopefully when she dressed me up, she chose some extremely high heels to literally keep me on my toes. She'd probably toy around with the chair for a while, just poking it enough to make me have to try to adjust my balance even with my feet bound. Finally, she'd just kick it out from under me and watch me swing. If she was feeling particularly generous, she'd reach under whatever garments she'd dressed me in and give me a hand job to send me off into oblivion.

As I fade into blackness, she might just decide to cut me down. This isn't done entirely out of charity, as she is only sparing me for the moment so she can repeat the whole process over again for her own enjoyment. She'll clean me up and lock me in a cage for later. When her desire arises again, she'll take me out and dress me up again, then put me in the noose. Eventually she'll just leave me dangling until I am truly dead, but for now she'll get off on leaving me to wonder if this time will be the last time.
Posted at 17:44 on 2-Jan-2011
Sounds very exciting DarthW. Love the feminization aspect. Mmmm, I can imagine what it would be like watching the leather-clad domme play with my stiffening cock as I dance, thats so hot, feeling the silk, or whatever -the petticoat, dress, or skirt rubbing my dick.
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