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Posted at 16:37 on 20-Jan-2013
I am a slim 57 year old bi-sexual whore. I have fucked more than 250 women and sucked and/or been fucked in the ass or mouth by more than 3,000 cocks. Married twice and had both wives into the swing scene. Both wives knew that I was bi and enjoyed watching me take cock and cum in my mouth or ass.
Both wives love to find men, women, or couples to have sex with. both were bi and could eat pussy, suck cock, take cocks or strap-ons in their cunts or ass or watch me take them in mine!!
Favorite Quote:
"I hereby sentence you to be have your cock and balls removed and then hanged by your neck until dead"
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Being sentenced to be " hanged by the neck until dead" preferably by a women or group of women but I am very "bi'. Having my cock tortured before hanging and maybe removed/cut off just before I swing. Perhaps my executioner will practice hanging me a few times before they announce "This time it is for real!
Other Fetish Interests:
Being gang raped by a group of men before being hanged - maybe they were ordered to do it by some female/s who is watching or directing the action.
Torture my overly sensitive nipples. Or torture my cock and balls, stretch my asshole with a big dildo or your fist or a big dog or horse cock. Teach me how to enjoy a golden shower or cocktail. I belong to YOU----USE me,--- experiment with your fantasies. If you miss this opportunity it is YOUR fault-not mine--all you have to do is WRITE to me and tell me what you want to do to me and help me figure out a time and place that we both can get together.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
I would love to give my body over to them to be used and abused. Torture my cock and balls-stretch my asshole and then have them make me tie a noose for them to stretch my neck with. Let them hang me and revive me over and over until they tell me it that they are not going to revive me the next time!!!
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Almost anything they want to try!
[User Deleted]
Posted at 16:51 on 7-Feb-2013
These women consider me worthless rather quickly. So they decide to kill me to get rid of me. But since I disgust them so they decide to humiliate me as mush as possible before they kill me.
They tell me that they are going to hang me by my neck until I am dead but they don't tell me what else the are going to do. They let me spend my last night wondering what will be done to me in the morning.
In the morning I am led naked to the gallows. In an effort to humiliate me they have arranged for a number of women that I worked with to be there to watch me hang naked. They also make my sister suck my cock until I cum on her face. Then each of the women who are my executioners rapes me using a strap on.
Finally I am short dropped hanged. Death comes slowly.
Posted at 11:59 on 11-Jun-2013
simple idea. she and i are both naked. she leads me to the ladder by rubbing and pulling on my penis. she doesn't have to be beautiful or particularly well built, just horney as hell and VERY experienced, she coaxes me up four steps. as she runs her tongue around my pole, she orders me to put the rope around my own neck. with shaking hands and great pleasure, i comply. she then eases my hands behind my back while pulling my penis deep into her mouth with a great suction. skilled hands tie mine. and then she steps back and behind the ladder. she collapses the ladder and slowly lowers it to the ground leaving me dancing my favorite dance. she rubs up against me to get the most pleasure for both of us. and then i die. what a way to go.
Posted at 10:01 on 1-Aug-2013
We've chatted online and I've finally not only convinced her that I'm serious, she feels she could hang me and enjoy the show with no guilt.

And why not? I've known for years it has to happen one way or another. There is no reason someone shouldn't get to watch the event.

We've agreed to meet to do the deed. A little research turned up a few good likely spots. There are a couple of nice lake resorts in her area. One has particularly suitable a-frame cabins with nice high beams and lofts. Ideal for a hanging! She drives out there herself to scout things out and see if there is any one that would be more preferable than the others. She finds that visitor parking at the marina is convenient and will allow her to most likely be able to walk to any of the cabins without drawing much attention to herself, especially just after dark.

That being accomplished, we set a date and I begin to make preperations. Not too much to do. I have no children and am single. By the day I must leave, I've deleted all accounts online that might be traced and replaced my hard drive, just so as not to make it too easy for anyone to find a connection.

I've rented the cabin for a weekend and my hanging is to be Saturday, sometime after dark when she arrives. It will take me two days to make the drive but I leave early Wednesday just to make sure I get there plenty early. The drive is uneventful. I camped out at a state park Thursday night not far from the resort. I slept in the bed of my truck under the stars one last time.

I pull into the town where my hangwoman lives before noon and make a few stops before heading to the cabin. I don't know any real details about her and wonder if any of the women I'm seeing will be hanging me in about 30 hours? I hit the liquor store to pick up some vodka. She prefers White Russians, I'll be having mine with cranberry juice, so next stop is the grocery store.

I grab a sandwich at a Subway on their little main street and spot a seafood place for dinner. I'll be having my last meal back in town later tonight. Something light to assure I don't crap myself while being hanged. Everything is ready and all has gone well so I'll fast-foreward to Saturday evening.

It's just after dark. I really want a cigarette but I'm abstaining and haven't smoked for a week. It's actually the most difficult part of all. I wanted my breathing and stamina to be as good as possible for my hanging. I'd hate to be feeling short of breath as I'm being noosed. I brought a couple fine cigars but am making myself wait for my hangwoman to arrive. We've agreed that just a few drinks and smoking as we begin preparations would be nice. I've saved a really nice Monte Cristo White Churchill for the occasion. When I light that up, it will be the moment of truth! I will be ready to hang by the time I'm about half finished with it. That should be about a half-hour.

At last I hear what I've been waiting for, a knock at the door. It really doesn't seem strange to me that I was most nervous about her not showing up. Now my heart is beating fast, hoping it's not some sort of setup with a couple cops coming in. I open the door and am surprised that there are two women. One a short, slightly plump but cute brunette as I expected and standing at the bottom of the steps a taller older blond with long straight hair.

The brunette says hello and tells me the name I know her by, Becky as do I. She also introduces her friend, Linda, as I let them in. The blond hangs back as my hangwoman explains she's come along for the show and as protection, and she's armed with a hand gun! Becky explains that it was necessary to ensure that she didn't get herself into danger and not to worry. She really couldn't be sure I wasn't luring here here for some other purpose.

That's actually completely understandable and doesn't bother me that she brought some backup. I'm actually pleased that another woman is there to watch me hang! Becky is quite friendly and I see her really looking me over as I offer drinks. They both like White Russians so I mix up a couple and a Vodka and cranberry for myself.

I take one sip of my drink and say, "we might as well get started. If you would like to begin setting things up, I'd really like to light up my cigar." We'd already discussed the details of how I'd like everyting to proceed. Becky lit a cigarette and said, "alright. that's what we're here for." I pull a large gym bag from behind the bar and take out my hanging rope. It's 30 feet of 3/4 inch hemp with a perfect noose already tied. Also in it is a thinner cord I will use to tie my hands myself. I've also brought a small step stool that I set out. My suicide note is ready and I leave that on the bar.

Linda has remained across the room with her drink and her gun on the table next to her. I'm thinking she really realizes there is noting going to happen but a nice hanging here but she's doing her job just in case. She also lights a cigarette. I'm glad to see that, she looks hot smoking as does Becky. Linda in a more sexy MILF type way, Becky is hot because she looks like the innocent type that would never smoke and to think she is going to hang me is driving me wild!

As I light up my cigar, I'm realizing my cock feels as big and hard as it is! I just hope I can maintain that! I sit back in my chair and enjoy the cigar and some more of my drink as I watch Becky. Dangling her cigarette from her lips it takes her a couple of tries to toss the noose over the beam in the middle of the room. She pulls one fo the stools over underneath the noose and asks me to come over. She needs me to get up on it to judge just where to tie off the rope so the noose is at the right height. I use the step stool to get up on my hanging stool and have to pull the noose down a little. I tell her it's about nose level to me, so I would have to stand on my tip toes for her to slip it over my head and around my neck. That's about right. When she slips the knot slightly snug it should leave me standing there with very little slack.

Once the rope is tied off we're pretty much ready. Just the sight of the noose I'll be dangling from soon over the stool has recharged my erection! I ask the ladies if they are ready for another drink and they both say they would love one. Mixing us all up another I am enjoying my cigar tremendously! I'm thinking I'm really glad I saved this last one from the box I had bought. As if reading my mind, becky says, "that is really a nice smelling cigar!" Linda adds that it really is and she usually doesn't like them. Both ladies also light up cigarettes to go with their drinks.

Now we're all just smoking and enjoying our drinks and looking each other over. I think I see eager looks of anticipation on both their faces. I'm really hoping Becky is as friendly as she's claimed to be! She said she would suck my cock to get me ready to hang and then stroke me while I hang to make sure and get me off! I had assured her that if she declined to do that, it wouldn't be a deal breaker, that I would hang for her regardless, but I think she is more than willing by the look she's giving me!

I take another long drink and go into the bathroom to pee. I can't have that happening with my hanging. I come back out and take a few more puffs on my cigar and take a deep breath! I say, "this is it, I'm ready now." I grab the cord to tie my hands and walk over to the stool. I climb up the step stool and onto the hanging stool. I've already tied two slip knots in the cord and slip one around my right wrist and pull it snug. Becky climbs up on the step stool, has to really reach to grab the noose and as I stand on my tip toes, she slips it over my head and slides the knot closed, loosly around my neck. I place my cigar in my mouth and take a few more long luxurious puffs as Becky adjusts the noose, perfectly to the right and just in front of my ear. Becky grabs the cord and holds it for me to slip my left hand into the loop and pull it snug so that my hands are now bound. The cord running behind my back and leaving my hands down around my hips.

Now Linda finishes her drink, lights another cigarette and comes over. No need to keep her distance anymore. Becky steps down and folds up the step stool and leans it against the bar, lights another cigarette as well and comes over in front of me. Just as I was praying she would do, she now pulls down my gym shorts and undershorts to my bare feet, allowing me to step out of them and tosses them a little ways away. Becky sees my throbbing hard cock and says, "it looks like he really is ready for this Linda!" Linda laughs and says, "I really didn't think it would happen, this is so fucking hot!"

I let out a deep sigh as Becky takes my cock in her mouth and begins to expertly suck me! Cigar in mouth and taking a few more nice puffs I speak around it as I look at Linda and tell her to take the cigar when I say, place it in the ashtray on the bar and be ready to shove me off the stool when I say, "hang me"!

Now my heart is really beating fast! I can't believe it's really going to happen and the way Becky is working over my cock, it won't be long! I tell Linda to take my cigar and she does. I ask her to give me a last sip of my drink as I begin breathing harder. I think I'm starting to get there just as I take that last sip and Linda places the glass on the bar. Linda sees me thrusting slightly to meet Becky, now really sucking me hard and fast. Linda lightly places one hand on my ass in preperation. Just a couple more thrusts, fucking Becky's mouth and I bend my knees so the noose takes some of my weight as I say, "hang me now!" I barely get that out as Linda shoves me hard and I swing foreward as Becky gets out of the way, gets up and grabs for my cock, getting to the side of me to avoid any kicks and places a hand on my ass as she steadies me and begins to stroke me!

The rope feels incredibly hard as it takes my full weight and the knot forces my head to the left. I've timed it right and let loose a long spurt of semen that Becky feel pulse through my cock and she squeals with delight! As I swung briefly before Becky got control of me I gagged on the noose, was able to get a partial breath but it quickly choked me off! Becky actually feels me thrusting with the final spurts of my orgasm. I'm still in control and not fighting the noose yet, all senses fixed on my final orgasm!

I can see Linda, eyes wide with excitement and hear her say something I can't make out as she light another cigarette. Having wrung the last drops from my cock, Becky now lets go and steps back to watch!

Now I really begin to strangle! After the first gag, gasp, and some gurgling grunts as I was cumming, the noose has choked me off completely and I begin to panic, desperate for breath! I'm aware that I'm twisting, one way and then the next, able to see the ladies watching and seeminly yellling at me. I'm not really aware that I'm kicking but I am, frantically! I'll never know it but the ladies are yelling words of encouragement to me! "Yeah! GO BABY! RIDE IT OUT! YOU"RE ALMOST THERE! Delighted with what they are seeing!

Then as I begin to weaken, just as my vision begins to blur, Becky is by me holding her hand up to my face and telling me something! The last thing I know is that I'm looking at some of my death cum Becky kept in her hand. She smiles and licks it as everything goes black!

The ladies continue to watch closely as I seem to be out but still twitching a litle. My eyes are open under drooping lids but I no longer see. My face was deep red but is now beginning to return to normal color. My tongue, slightly bulging remains that special purple color!

Beky and Linda each pour themselves another drink and light fresh cigarettes. After awhile, Linda gets up and grabs my wrist attempting to feel for a pulse. She says, "I don't really know how to do this do you?" Becky says she doesn't and comes over to listen to my chest. Hearing nothing and having been almost ten minutes since I was hanged Becky says, "He's done alright."

The ladies clean up as best they can, careful to take everything they can that they touched and wipe down the rest. Becky wipes up the semen from the floor, uses bleach to wipe out any traces and puts my gym shorts back on me.

Linda has gone out to walk around and see if there seems to be any sign of anyone hearing their shouts and being curious. There is no one around so she goes back in to get Becky.

The ladies leave and walk back to their car and drive off. No one notices and no security cameras film them.

The End!

[User Deleted]
Posted at 02:39 on 27-Aug-2013
Very nice...
[User Deleted]
Posted at 01:19 on 11-Oct-2013
Just stopped by to read them again.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 11:01 on 21-Dec-2013
You do know how to party, Hanged Guy!
Posted at 14:07 on 21-Dec-2013
Thanks Richard. If a couple ladys were really willing to give throw me a litle party like that, I would have no choice but to take them up on it!
Posted at 20:47 on 22-Oct-2016
Fairly simple. I usually start the fantasy at the point where I'm already bound with my hands behind me and standing on the trapdoor with a noose around my neck. The hangwoman is taking her time to taunt me with the fact that she, alone, holds the power over my life and death. She tells me that she is going to play with me until I come and then she will long-drop me. She won't make it easy, since she will use orgasm denial techniques to prevent me from coming until the time she sees fit. I very nearly go crazy as she repeatedly brings me to the verge of squirting, then denies me. I see her smiling evilly as she reduces me to a shaking, squirming wreck, begging to be put out of my misery.....

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