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Group NameHItwomen!
DescriptionShe told him that killing's better than sex and thanked him for being such a willing supplicant. The irony escaped him as he sat motionless, drugged and handcuffed to the chair. She started to touch herself as she aimed her big silenced .45 at his chest. He sat credulously thinking this was some sort of twisted dream as he strained at his restraints. He saw 3 bright flashes in quick succession through the hood covering his head and simultaneously felt as if someone pounded him in the chest with a baseball bat. He then tasted the mineral bitter taste of his own warm blood swelling up in his throat and mouth. He began to lose consciousness as he caught the whiff of her secret place, a mix of fishy odor and exotic spice. As he gave up his life, his last sensation was her grinding her leather crotch against his breathless mouth.
Category Female Killers