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Megan And John (leader)
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Group NameMasturbation Cafe
Description"There are only two tragedies in life.
One is not getting what one wants.
And the other is getting it."
- Oscar Wilde

Welcome to Masturbation Cafe, an excellent first stop at DarkFetishNet, where everyone is encouraged to develop and explore their dark, erotic fantasies in the realm of the masturbation-stimulated imagination, before taking the next step of role-play acting on them with others.

Masturbation is the gold standard to which all forms of sex are subconsciously compared to.

Masturbating, for extended periods of time, mixed with with orgasm denial along the way, releases unusually high levels of natural organic endorphins. This creates heightened feelings of euphoria, not to mention wild erotic fantasies and intense orgasms, always ending in a state of extreme calm and well-being, a feeling that is beyond peace, making it with this group, the preferred drug of choice.

Think about it. In traditional contact sex with another person, one also feels the rush of the same natural organic endorphins through their body, but only after orgasm, after their lovemaking is finished and over. And the opinion of our group is: That's simply not enough time, nor the setting, for dark, erotic fantasies to work their magic.

We feel that human masturbation is, truly, one of the miracles of the universe. And the members of our close-knit group have taken masturbation, the most basic of biological functions, and elevated it to an art form: Vast reaches of time and space are covered in a typical masturbation session. With masturbation, dark fantasies, things that cannot happen, nor should not happen, are freely acted out in the rich visual imagery of the imagination.

And with masturbation, two constitutes an orgy.

Here you are free to share your erotic ideas, as well as discover new ones, with an approving group of like-minded masturbation aficionados. As we all know: The stranger the fantasy, the stronger the orgasm.

We feel, in a way, that we have outsmarted Mother Nature, and achieved a level of erotic satisfaction that those outside our group cannot comprehend. Indeed, the practice of ancient kings, having harems, of hundreds of beautiful women, is testimony to the futility of finding erotic satisfaction in the real world.

Welcome aboard, as we celebrate our lifelong masturbation addictions, in a virtual opium den -of glazed and dazed masturbators. Just be sure to buckle your seat belt.
Category Masturbation