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Posted at 18:29 on 13-Apr-2011
Please post any stories, incidents etc. of guys that have had their balls and or cocks removed. If you include a link, write a short note as to what it refers to.
Posted at 18:56 on 13-Apr-2011
Woman in Alaska ties mans hands to window sill for kinky sex, slices off his dick and flushes it down the toilet.
Posted at 19:50 on 14-Apr-2011
Man goes in for a routine circumcision to relieve a chronic infection on his dick. While the man is under anesthesia and knocked out, the surgeon cuts off the guys penis after finding some cancer. His wife tells her hubby when he awakes from the operation that he did not get circumcised, his cock was cut off. My wife wants to do a strip tease video for the dickless man. She is such a bitch but I love her. Maybe I can fuck his wife as my woman teases his balls !! LOL
Posted at 20:28 on 16-Apr-2011

Woman Chops Off Man’s Penis After Pestering Her For Massage – One frisky boss got more than he bargained for when a woman cut off his penis after he had been pestering her for a massage. The 70-year-old Emirati man had his penis cut off by the 20 year old Ethiopian lady in Dubai.

Woman Chops Off Man’s Penis After Pestering Her For Massage
A 20 year old woman in Deira, Dubai, cuts off her pestering 70 year old boss’s private penis after being continuously harassed for a massage.

The woman from Ethiopia claims that she was harassed and constantly abused by her boss from the Emirates. Tired from the mistreatment, she took a knife, and proceeded to attack him by chopping off his private part. According to an official from the Dubai Police, they had received a call from the man “Our command room received a call from the man who was yelling in pain.”

We sent a police patrol to his home in Deira. They found him bleeding badly. His housemaid had chopped off his private parts using a knife. She claimed that the man used to abuse and harass her. On the day of the incident she claims he asked her to give him a massage. She got angry, went to the kitchen to get a knife and attacked him.

Currently, the woman is in police custody and was charged with assault, while the older man is still in the hospital, being assessed by surgeons whether the private part can be reattached or not.

According to police figures in the region, in 2010 there were 655 reported crimes committed by domestic employees.

Posted at 16:37 on 18-Apr-2011
Hospital photo of man whose girlfriend sliced off his cock.
Now he is really a Dickless Fucker. LOL
Posted at 19:04 on 29-May-2011
This horney guy cheats on his wife and pays the ultimate price. When he gets home, she has a sexy nurse to completely emasculate him. Here is the link to the story. Read and Enjoy.
Posted at 08:13 on 31-May-2011
Recent news item.
Gotta love the end result.
Posted at 21:18 on 31-May-2011
That is funny. I laughed my ass off reading it. If he was raping her he deserved it, if he was not she still gave us all a good laugh and me a boner. I wish I was a fly on the wall to see her slice off his schlong.
priceless, thanks for sharing Pax.
Posted at 10:30 on 9-Jun-2011
Here's a whole series of true and documented cases:
Make sure to check volumes 1 & 2!!
Edited by Pax, 5 year(s) ago
Posted at 06:29 on 15-Jun-2011

haha! I love the title of the article. News from Kenya.
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