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Posted at 12:51 on 26-Apr-2011
I have started this group after searching this wonderfull site for a group that is dedicated to one of the strongest fetishes I know of: The unbelievable sexy idea of women hanging by their tits, and all the intresting things you can do with such a girl. The following passage was originally posted in another group, but I think it also can be a good starter for this one.

The nicest way to torture a couple of breasts, is to suspend them in the air. Is there anyting more exciting than a girl hanging suspended from her tits? Watch the pain and helplessness in her face while her tits are stretched upwards like bulging melons, becoming bluer and bluer. You can form your lips around her nipples and feel how extremly hard they becomes. This is a perfect position to let her undergo further methods of torture. Why not a hard bull whipping, or you could attach electrical wires to her genitals and chock them. And while your cock gets hard of the torture, you must of course rape her in between. She will only be all to happy to wrap her legs around you to ease the pain in her breasts.

Is this fantasy making anyone more than me crazy?
Posted at 13:52 on 26-Apr-2011
I have added some pics that I like on the topic. Most of them originate from Insex, and several with the lovely Annemari 912, who done some very nice tit suspensions..
[User Deleted]
Posted at 15:12 on 26-Apr-2011
This is a great group!
Posted at 03:23 on 28-Apr-2011
I have added some more pics, most of them from Torture Galaxy. Besides the suspension the girls often gets their tits tortured in other ways on that site. Thats what I like. A good suspension, of tits or wrists, is a perfect base for other torture.
Posted at 12:05 on 28-Apr-2011
I've added a pic that I made in Poser years ago. It's called Contemplation. Not very good. It's difficult to get tied and suspended breasts to look right in Poser. But I think you understand my intension.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 09:03 on 1-May-2011
What if your tits are too small to be hung by?
Posted at 06:13 on 2-May-2011
Don't be sorry. There's a lot of nice way to stretch and torture your nipples. A way to temporarily get bigger tits is to do a saline injection. But I don't know if that will be enough to tie them for a suspension.
Posted at 07:26 on 3-May-2011
I have seen women hanging by their nipples. They had large hooks through their areoles and are dangling by them in the air.
Another way is to enlarge breasts over long time until they have B size. The you can use thin ropes to suspend one.

BTW: @Vicki, your breast are large enough for tit hanging ;-)
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Posted at 04:22 on 4-May-2011
I'd love to se pictures or video of that nipple hanging you were talking about, Avalon. Stories would be great, too!
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Posted at 08:20 on 5-May-2011
I agree with Avalon that Vicki's breasts are large enough for tit hanging. She has a beautiful body and maybe some day she'll post some pictures of her being hung by her breasts.
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