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Group NameDeathLust of Sir Bruce
DescriptionThis is a promo group hopefully with some discussion about erotic horror scenes. I will try to update this group with current material and maybe a few surprises. As a lover of erotic horror I endeavor to produce the kind of scenes many folk like to see. The kinds I like as well. I loved the work of Paul form KHP. He did what I'm trying to do. Maybe I can do it better some day. For now a lot of people think what I do is pretty good. I think so too. I have so far done stabbing, shooting and strangle films. I have it in mind to tackle arrows, spears, pitchforks, sharp household objects and arcane murder devices when I get a decent workshop. I like to get in some brutal belly punching whenever I can. And usually a story. I like to think of my scenes as clips cut form a larger picture. The onus is on extended erotic murder. I never want it to be over too quickly...

I keep my prices low so I don't make a lot of $$. Mostly the distributors and actresses get paid and sometimes I buy equipment. Pick up some of my films, you won't be disappointed. You can also find me at CNB where I have a host of retouch work and my videos.

You can purchase my films through Paypal by sending me an e-mail at sir_bruce8@yahoo.com. I will discount films for you here. Or you can find them at the addresses below.
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