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Harlin (leader)
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Group NameClub X (UK)
DescriptionClub X (UK) is a British alternative lifestyle Club and community theme for those who want to discuss and live their lives in the alternative lifestyle away from the prying eyes and spying probes of the vanilla world, its inhibitions and limits.

Strictly with local law it's a place of the imagination where you can abandon the world and stand openly naked in your passion for the rest of your life.

As it grows new activities and establishments, venues and events may be added.

This group is for discussion of Dolcett-inspired, master-slave, breeding, ownership, s&m themes linked to the Club X (UK) ideas and scenarios, stories and other fun activities.

No picture posting, no discussion of children, animals of scat.

I did have a group, Voluntary-Assisted Suicides, exploring the theme of willing suicides in a fetish context, but that was removed as too dangerous for open chat. If you wish to discuss anything of that nature keep it to private messages only.
Category BDSM
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