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TORTURER4 (leader)
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Group Namethe beauty of torture!
DescriptionTorture is the ultimate beauty for naked female flesh. If a young or/and well build female is tortured during hours and hours, in real life: arched out, or elongated on the rack, or crucified, or tied in an X-frame, or hanging by her udders, opened, spread, squirming, "dancing" under the whips, writhing under numerous torture tools on and in her flesh, bucking, screaming, mouth opened, nostrils flaring, face paincontorted, tits bouncing, cunt raped and dildoed, ass hole rammed, belly whipped, navel burned, ass brutally smacked, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE BEAUTY! and females should know that and be ready for heavy tortures, all the time. Because they are born for that!
Category BDSM - Torture