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Posted at 08:04 on 19-Mar-2010
Here I'll be informing those interested in recently added features or changes to network.

For now the news are: we have slashed the prices of upgrade to PREMIUM membership in half, and also changes the way how discussion topics in the groups presented. Now the topics with the most recent replies are on top of the list - it is better this way I think :)
Posted at 05:35 on 24-Mar-2010
In Browse Groups sections you can now sort them by the option "Recently Updated", which is useful, I think :)

Also - on the main page new block is added with the Most Active Users, although it still needs some tweaks :)
Posted at 05:15 on 5-Apr-2010
Quotations has been fixed, now they are clearly visible :)

Video playing problems has been fixed also, most probably, need to do some more testing :)
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Posted at 02:53 on 16-Apr-2010
It is now possible to embed YouTube videos into your blog posts.
Posted at 12:22 on 13-May-2010
That has been possible since the BLOG option was available which is great for those of us who do not have premium features but BASIC ones...
Posted at 12:24 on 13-May-2010
Sorry, didn't understand you at all. Everybody can use Blogs and embed videos as well :)
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[User Deleted]
Posted at 19:51 on 28-May-2010
I suggest you include in each video page, an option to add it to a members favorites. So that instead of contantly search for vids, one can re view ones they enjoyed...
Posted at 03:58 on 29-May-2010
GOOD SUGGESTION! Will add it to "to do" list, but it will be implemented after the developers will deliver the firth version of the engine and we will start tweaking it :)
Posted at 08:27 on 30-May-2010
my only suggestion is if its possible to be able to put links in the chat room.
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