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Posted at 10:06 on 14-Sep-2012
Hi, guys,

Because of the ever increasing flood of totally off-topic, non-fetish photos of an ordinary people taken from other social networking sites like Facebook or elsewhere, which are usually posting in "What would you do to her?" albums without knowledge or consent from the people depicted, we amended point 5 of our Terms of Service and from now on such postings ARE FORBIDDEN! We set a deadline for the users to voluntarily remove such pics at October 15th, but after that we need your help locating and removal any of such content, because obviously these pictures in our context is VERY RISKY, and we can not risk DFN's well being. So, please do your part enforcing this policy, report such content via the usual "Report This" links or here for our moderators to act. Thanks in advance!
Posted at 10:09 on 14-Sep-2012
Applauds you.
Posted at 10:16 on 14-Sep-2012
Oh yes, a really dangerous problem but not only in "What would you do to her?".
It seems it gives an increasing numbers of Fake-Accounts using pics of ordenary people, without their permission!
Posted at 10:19 on 14-Sep-2012
Ah, yes, we are going to have some work ahead of us here soon Sergey. There is a lot, but it's not impossible ;)
Posted at 10:36 on 14-Sep-2012
Thanks Serega, that's a wise move which will turn DFN back into a fantasy-friendly place that's providing real creativity the space to flourish.

It will now be up to the respective posters of the questionable content to get into compliance with the ToS.
[User Deleted]
Posted at 16:45 on 14-Sep-2012
Great decision Serega!... but I have a feeling there's going to be more "kick'n & scream'n" around here for awhile, then there was when the videos went to paid-only members. lol
Posted at 17:09 on 14-Sep-2012
You are going to get some howling on this one, but frankly I don't see any choice. Sooner or later we are going to run into real trouble over these pictures if the practice isn't stopped. Good luck.
Posted at 17:24 on 14-Sep-2012
I understand everyone's thoughts and views, but when YOUR fetish is the next thing that gets "reviewed" and then "edited" I'm sure everyone will be whining too. Perhaps this ISNT the place for people to explore their darkest fantasies, only the ones people deem acceptable. Flame on
[User Deleted]
Posted at 17:35 on 14-Sep-2012
It has nothing to do with anyone's "fetish" or "fantasy"... it has to do with posting photos without the person's permission.
Edited by , 4 year(s) ago
Posted at 17:45 on 14-Sep-2012
I understand the concern about getting in trouble etc etc. But what is also being edited are peoples fantasy. Maybe everyone isn't into Poser models or celebrities or porn sites... Maybe its the "normal" people who you could go out on the street and film in public places (see Ciggy Piggy, etc) But whatever, I will just be chalked up as "a kicker and screamer" meh. enjoy your homogenized "DARK FETISHES" or at LEAST until someone complains about THOSE as well.
Edited by Sam D, 4 year(s) ago
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