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[User Deleted]
Posted at 14:41 on 26-Oct-2014
I have noticed that a member of DFN has been allowed to post private photos of ordinary people, probably taken from a social network site, by cropping the photo to exclude the face. This makes a mockery of the DFN Terms of Service which state:

" Also, it is FORBIDDEN TO POST PICTURES OF AN ORDINARY PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESSED CONSENT, such as taken from other social networking sites like Facebook, or elsewhere. When posting visual content, such as photos or videos, members should be prepared to provide information about the content's source on request of the DFN-staff. When posting private images of people, the respective poster must be able to present convincing proof of the pictured person's consent to the publication. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the posted material."

Further more it is impossible to determine whether the photos are of underage people, which in this case some of them are.
Posted at 17:09 on 26-Oct-2014
Nobody is "allowed to" proliferate such content at DFN. However, we simply cannot monitor everything all the time, so we depend on the help from our members (hence the 'please help' in the topic line of this thread).

So which member, and where could those photos be traced back to? Either Revy or myself will check these out if reported.

Your last sentence leaves me somewhat confused though. If it's impossible to determine whether or not those photos are showing persons under the age of 18, how can you be certain, that some of them were minors? :o
[User Deleted]
Posted at 10:10 on 27-Oct-2014
The member and album in question is this one.

In August 2014 Revy left a comment on the member's profile.
" Revy
5-Aug-2014 02:34
I appreciate you making the effort in cropping out the private photos faces and liknesses. Was a surprise to see, thanks! Have fun! "

Many of the photos cropped came from former member Lola Singleton's albums while she was a member. In order to protect the innocent parties involved the photos posted in the Exposed group were deleted along with her profile. Three of them can found on a website set up by another former member Ice Princess called the Islands. This is the characters page for Lola Singleton.

There are over 2,500 photos on the site but I found these three.

These pics are from the same set that Moni Lover has used. At the time there were question marks about the age of the girl in the photo meant to be Lola Singleton as other pics on DFN had her in her school uniform. The photos also include her younger sister. The third photo was thought at the time to contain at least one under age girl. Lola singleton admitted herself in a message that was exposed that one of her albums had dubious content, meaning underage girls in bikinis.

[User Deleted]
Posted at 11:43 on 21-Jun-2015
Still another question. What about pics of models like met-art models and so on? Are they prohibited too?
Posted at 18:28 on 21-Sep-2016
I don't know if I posted some due explanations about the pictures in my albums before but here I go: First of all I agree and stick by all the rules, this said I go on to explain the nature of the photos I use to illustrate my stories and RP. All of them come from commercial ads that everyone can find all over the web. don't claim to be the copyright owner of such pics, I'm just one of the hundreds of lurkers around the web. If there's need to take my photos down please send me a message and it will be done asap
Posted at 15:00 on 22-Sep-2016
I've checked your albums and you're perfectly fine. Thank you for an example that fits what we allow :)
Posted at 15:20 on 22-Sep-2016
Ok ,thanks Revy, I'm aware of the nature of this awesome site and I wouldn't want it shut down
Posted at 09:02 on 30-Dec-2016
Is correct so only needs to be done finally before alem in children's photos which unfortunately are very often to be found!
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