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Posted at 20:59 on 15-Jan-2013
Hi everyone!

I've spent the last 4-5 hours sifting through groups and their photos deleting all REAL-DEATH related content. Some of you may notice that some groups have been deleted. These groups were deleted, because more than half of their content was solely contributed to REAL-DEATH. Any groups that I may have missed or that contain any REAL-DEATH pics should be reported immediately. I strongly encourage you all to send reports on ANY REAL-DEATH content you come across: Photos, videos, discussions.

Next are the profiles and your albums. For those of you that do possess REAL-DEATH photos in your albums, videos and etc...please make sure to delete them and refrain from posting anymore in the future, or I will personally kick your ass :) ... (You WILL be banned from DFN if any staff have to deal with you more than ONCE with REAL-DEATH content. This is NOT a light matter).

If any of you have any questions, please feel free to post it here or message one of us admins. Thank you and play safe :3

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[User Deleted]
Posted at 21:08 on 15-Jan-2013
Totally agree with you on this policy:) This album is an example of the above.
Posted at 21:20 on 15-Jan-2013
Thanks, it's gone. User warned.
Posted at 21:53 on 15-Jan-2013
who are you the new admin?
Posted at 21:58 on 15-Jan-2013
Admin/Mod/Whatever you wanna call it, we all do the same thing.

New? No. Been here for 3 years :)
Posted at 22:22 on 15-Jan-2013
I'm not 3 years ago, you should find a little more and so have been three years ago as you say in your profile does not say that you are not even moderated, so the only thing for me is Serega admin-M, which is the must drive POLICY fORUM, otherwise anyone can holder and want only to be fellow admin or moderators, but postulate for forum administrator, you can not be arrogant and obsecuente behind a title that you do not have ... !
[User Deleted]
Posted at 22:32 on 15-Jan-2013
Wow this is getting ridiculous. Vixen IS an Administrator of this site as she could easily prove in any number of ways (many of which end very badly for the parties involved) . I think she's showing a lot of self- control and patience which is why she has that job. For myself, i can only add that i belong to a few fetish sites and this is the most fun of them because it is so easy to interact with one another. Keep up the great work, Vixey!!! :) It's a thankless job but someone has to do it :P
Posted at 22:39 on 15-Jan-2013
Just like not every cop wears a uniform, not every moderator proclaims their title next to their name.
Posted at 22:58 on 15-Jan-2013
I participate in other forums and I know who is who is part of the rules and there is nothing ridiculous, and the patience and self-control is shared when the forum has many technical problems believe me! Because then you can spend your problem is many but the solution is one and then we will see who is responsible ....! Or uds are Also moderating?
Posted at 23:03 on 15-Jan-2013
Am I a mod? Nope. Just an amused bystander.
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