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Peter Cohen (leader)
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Group NameBellybutts R' Us
DescriptionA group for women who love the idea of being bellybutts and for those who love them.

A bellybutt is a woman who for her own pleasure, to sate her own lust and fetish, wants to be stabbed or shot in her belly, ideally during sex. The term 'bellybutt' has it's origin in a series of stories I originally published on the Web back in the 90's, where excitedly willing women were in a shooting gallery where their bellies were the target for arrows. As the thing that stops an arrow in archery is called a 'butt' and in those stories, their bellies were what was being shot, the term belly-butt (one word now) was a natural one. The similarity to bellybutton was also cute, though my personal fetish has them being shot well below their navels.

Note that it is not strictly necessary for a bellybutt to be a slave. I developed that aspect of being a bellybutt in other writings because it seemed to flow logically. A woman who wants to be shot or stabbed in her belly IS a bellybutt, whether or not she is otherwise submissive, whether or not she likes the idea of being a slave.
Category Stabbing