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DescriptionThis is a group militating for a NEW SLAVE WORLD ORDER, where all females are either torture-slaves and victims or working and breeding slaves. Some elementary rules: Until the age of 16 all females will have basic education in an organized school system ruled exclusively by men. After 16 they undergo worldwide a web-controlled selection by a jury composed of 10.000 of the most sadistic men, elected (by only males) on the ground of a quota per state. This selection divides the young females in 2 categories: 1) those which are ugly, not well build will become working slaves and breeding material and they will work until death in the offices and factories of the system 2) those which are well build are themselves divided in 2 main social layers: a) the bulk of the selected females will be trained during 2 years in special equipped basements to become complete dehumanized slaves for sadists and they will be auctioned as such in public displays. B) the most beautiful among them will be marked from their 16th anniversary on as meat to be tortured to death in the most excruciating ways before they reach the age of 25, after a short life of torture in the dungeons of the states or the owners.

(This group is now open for further suggestions about how to build such a society of pain and torture..., write comments!)
Category BDSM - Torture