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Posted at 17:29 on 2-Aug-2016
I am so real and I would love to be tortured and used then turned in to food.
Posted at 04:52 on 21-Sep-2016
I am real..
[User Deleted]
Posted at 16:30 on 16-Oct-2016
I'm real although in real life I would be much tamer for obvious reasons. Role playing these fantasies might be fun.
Posted at 21:07 on 17-Oct-2016
Looking for many torture sessions before being discarded as a worthless piece of meat.
Posted at 15:12 on 21-Oct-2016
I'm looking for real longtime useage. Anyone interested? Please message me
Posted at 08:42 on 5-Nov-2016
hm. i'm quite real, and my masochistic expierence too
Posted at 14:47 on 11-Dec-2016
Real she_male slut and willing victim for torture and execution. You may chose the torture and form of execution. Hanging, electric chair, gas chamber or????
Posted at 16:14 on 11-Dec-2016
I'm real. Willing for real life. I would even torture myself on cam then die any way I'm told.
Posted at 10:10 on 11-Jan-2017
very real, and a extreme masochist, I definatly want to be tortured for days or weeks then done with, I have expereince in most things, but finding someone that enjoys pushing the envelope is the only thing
Posted at 09:26 on 19-Jan-2017
Real enough. Why?
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