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Posted at 15:00 on 6-Mar-2015
Mandi Hang_Me said:

based on happens very quickly...never do it alone.

This is very true. I would advise against ever "trying any of this at home". Unconsciousness occurs very quickly and if you are alone YOU WILL DIE.

Of course if you want to die that is another thing. Hanging is a very effective way to commit suicide. All you have to do is have a rope strong enough to hold your weight and a way to suspend yourself. Once suspended unconsciousness will occur in very few seconds and death is assured in 10 to 20 minutes.
Posted at 12:11 on 16-Jun-2015
I have occasionally passed out during a hanging - so it is really important that you trust your hangman/woman implicitly....
Posted at 17:50 on 22-Nov-2016
I been hanged a few times it feels like the noose is going to pull your head off. I like to pass out once.
Posted at 09:53 on 11-Jan-2017
Ive been choked out before and would love to be hanged untill I pass out
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