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Posted at 09:45 on 24-Sep-2016
What is really being 'asked' here?????
Posted at 09:48 on 24-Sep-2016
Are we 'real' people?
Do we practice in our 'private' lives what we post here?
Given the chance would we like to get together with someone with the same interests, but maybe at the opposite end of the fetish?
Posted at 09:54 on 24-Sep-2016
Do we grab or play with our sexual parts as we tour the albums posted here?
I am 'real' as far as I know! I would like to be able to meet with folks who share some if not all my interests!
I for one would enjoy being a masked torturer in a dungeon with some a female (s) who would enjoy the some BDSM activity.
Now, would I want to go to Costco and shop in my fetish dress I don't think so!
Posted at 13:44 on 24-Sep-2016
Posted at 10:14 on 13-Oct-2016
Yes Me!
Posted at 12:27 on 18-Nov-2016
yes I am for real and interested
Posted at 13:12 on 18-Nov-2016
Real as they come. I get off in a slow hanging.
Posted at 13:21 on 18-Nov-2016
I am 'real!
Posted at 02:43 on 20-Nov-2016
yses, not only cyber also play real if find a like minded guy.
Posted at 10:44 on 11-Jan-2017
Very real and very masochist
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