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Basic Personal Information
Birthday: (28 years old)
About Me
Who I Am:
In my non-kinky life, I'm a fairly normal, sorta intellectual gay guy (homoflexible; all experience is with men, but can be turned on by women in the right circumstances). I am a student engineer living in Pennsylvania.

About my sexuality in general. I am strongly drawn to that youthful look- smooth, toned, androgynous. I often surprise myself with the variety of men that I can grow attracted to, but it's not infinite. Hyper-masculinity and large bodies are things I'm less likely to go for. I'm versatile almost on principle- sexually, I want to experience everything and try different combinations. I love kinks, even ones I don't natively have, and will try anything.

Now, as for my fetish. Action movie-style battles, fast killings, falling bodies, dying warrior grunts and groans turn me on a lot. Unlike many people, it's not a domination/submission thing or a pain thing for me. I'm potentially cool with including those elements (though I can only tolerate so much real pain) to find common ground with a match, and also with more murder/execution oriented scenes even though I prefer combat.

The fetish for me is more closely related to exhibitionism and a little bit of humiliation- men displaying their bodies, fighting skills, and deaths for each other, getting killed and/or fucked in front of your buddies, that kind of thing.

This started for me with my first sexual experience. Me and a slightly younger male cousin used to play guns naked together, and used shooting and playing dead as an excuse to check out each other's bodies and fall down all on top of each other.

I have some real-life experience having this kind of fun. All of it so far was based on hookups who aren't natively into this kink. A couple were kink trades where we enjoyed learning about and trying each other's turn ons, and one was just a really submissive boy who wanted to please me exactly how I wanted it. More than half of people have found it pretty fun. A couple of people I still play short kill scenes with on Snapchat. With my submissive friend, I had to make a point of not requesting it too often, since when something isn't your kink, it's more fun on occasion than constantly.
Favorite Quote:
"Naked dead teen soldiers." As far as I'm concerned, the most sexually arousing possible phrase.

"D'aaaaaaaurghhhhl!" -Hot extras in action movies/voiceovers in shooter games
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
Fast, deadly violence is my thing. Thoughts of wars, shootouts, even corny action movies make me hard. Sexy boys and men getting wasted, mowed down in a heap, and make sure to linger on the body pile! I am turned on when these scenarios include overtly sexual elements or not.

Two branches of my fetish, and either one alone is enough to drive me wild, so both together is amazing. First, reactions to getting shot- tight, spasming bodies, getting knocked into furniture or each other and ultimately hitting the ground. And most importantly, the vocals: loud, shocked, penetrated. And the other branch is sleepy play- once finished off, such a hot body shouldn't just be left there. Favorites for me are shooting it more and trying to make it cum. Though there's always something to be said for just flipping it over and fucking that dead ass. And once I start to cum, I hear a gun being cocked somewhere very close behind me.

I don't have a preference of getting killed or killing. Ideally, I like both in the same scenario.

Dying quick and violent is a bigger turn on than drawn-out suffering, though I can play that to turn on a match (pretty fun as an acting challenge for a non-actor!). As such, my weapons of choice are guns (fan of big, destructive guns like machineguns or shotguns), grenades, archery, spears, knives, and swords- in about that order, though I like them all. Recently I can add fast, rough strangulation- most guys who like rough sex like it, and they don't have to know I'm fantasizing about finishing them off and continuing to fuck their body :P

I don't have a favorite body area to get shot- variety is once again my turn-on keyword. A good set of abs begs to be machine gunned- nice and low. Chest is the clean, hard kill good soldiers deserve. My cousin I played with as a kid and I used to shoot each other in the cock and balls, so.... yeah, that's still a turn-on to do. Mmm, I can still imagine him flicking it and jabbing it to do "bullets" hitting it, while I did the same to him. The pouch of briefs or jocks is such an obvious, tempting target- with a good stiff cup, I'd love to use airsoft machine guns on each other's packages. And every insatiable bottom should experience the ultimate fuck to completion- a warm gun slid up the ass and PFFT-PFFT-PFFT! Same goes for that pussy, ladies. Mmh, sometimes I wish I had one.

Choking, hanging and decapitation do it for me, but not as well. Drowning and suffocation do nothing for me.

Big groups, body piles, nudity or progressively increasing nudity are sexy. Even just naked guys laying around still, touching each other.

Though men are the engines of my fantasies, women turn me on too. I love the way titties move, especially when you shoot them... :P

Finally, I don't actually have a preference between hardcore, bloody, brutal situations and ones where the violence is more gamelike, even with toy/dart guns or people having a lot of "health" (being able to take lots of hits, reacting to each but not dying). They really are equally hot fetish scenes for me.

As for sex: almost anything goes! Love fucking and being fucked, sucking and being sucked, cock-to-cock, intercrural, dry-humping, play-fucking wounds, even cuddling/kissing (the most controversial homo-sex of all). Also found I like hetero sex- pleasing pussies with tongue or cock is an art I want to master! Sex or group sex before or during combat's good. All the better if it's interrupted by killing. Beginning of orgasm's the perfect time to get killed, I think. And if you die quick your dead body will still be cumming.

I also like getting freaky with play-dead guys- all about helplessness and humiliation- and the same done to me. Though a real corpse would not be a turn on, real unconsciousness would be, so +++ for acting the part all the way! And finally, love it if bodies fall in compromising positions and have to be untangled or decoupled when the clean up crew comes around.

1-on-1 duels, army-vs-fortress, gangs-vs-gangs, cops-vs-gangs, classic cowboys-vs-Indians and pirates-vs-Navy.

Specific things I’ve thought of:
- Soldiers getting ambushed while fucking. They’re dead before they can decouple. Their attackers laugh and shoot them a few more times.
- Urban gang boys whose baggy clothes can never seem to stay in place when they’re getting slaughtered by the cops or a rival gang.
- The winning team having an orgy with the losing team’s bodies. Infighting breaks out over the hottest enemies, until only a few (or one) guys are left. They go crazy with all their spoils and/or do some dead-checking, then kill themselves while they cum playing in the bodies.
- Video-game-like scenarios where instead of getting injured or dying when hit, the guys scream and yell and moan and roll around but come back to life and keep fighting. The pace is much faster that way, more noise and more flesh-on-flesh, and guys who are not natively into this tend to be way more into shooting and getting shot than playing dead (just the way they were as kids, ha!)- a trade-off I definitely don't mind making
- Poses, where all or most of the guys are dead in the frame of the camera. An album of pics of shot foreheads, stabbed guts, skull-fucking, guy with a sliced up back with his cock in the mouth of a guy who’s rolled up in a ball, dead boy with a severed cock up his ass. Staged with make-up or for real?

Some examples of turn-ons that you can easily see yourself, just to get an idea of what crazy shit is in my head:
murdermayhem100 and combatposer Youtube videos
Halo 2 master chief dying, his grunts, ragdoll physics.
Other Fetish Interests:
Cum everywhere/bukakke
Bareback/cum inside (In real life I *only* do this with one fluid bonded bareback buddy at a time, and soon I'll be able to get PrEP, the medication that prevents becoming HIV+, as another layer of protection behind testing and exclusivity)
Sibling and cousin incest (yes, I'd do stuff with my cousin again given the chance)
15-17 guys in addition to 18+ (fantasy only, obviously!)
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Chatting about what we're into. I'm pretty flexible and agreeable to finding common ground, especially if we're willing to humor each other from time to time with things that aren't necessarily turn-ons for us.
Roleplay chat I like a lot. Practice makes perfect!
Video chat's an option if we find each other attractive!
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
If we really come to like and trust each other, I'm down to set up meetings for fetish-sex. It be really damn awesome to have more than two. Like maybe a guy and a girl.
Absolutely no real injuries or killings though. My rational mind knows it's not really like the fantasies.