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CryptoCurrency / Digital Currency Mining
October 13th 2017

This might show a virus / malware warning on your device. This can be allowed / white listed if you want to participate. It is NOT a virus or malware.

We are experimenting with website mining. This will help with the hosting costs. This only affects free accounts, premium accounts are not affected but might still see the warning. For now we are still gathering statistics so we can move forward with a plan. The system will be fully transparent so all members can see how much they have mined. Currently we have no interface in place but the plan is for all users to be able to control how much they mine with the option to disable completely. We will reward participating members with options such as premium upgrade once a tier has been reached.

Although no interface is available we are keeping hold of the statistics until the project is finished. More information can be seen on the support group.

Please report bugs / issues / concerns and ideas on the support group.