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the Jessica 3000-f and the Jessica 3000-f-II

I don't know if this will interest anyone at all, but I have been playing with my OCR software on my new scanner, and scanned in this stuff – I was really just testing out the OCR software to see how accurate it is – and then I thought that this might interest some other people here.
And since I haven’t scanned the photographs of these two machines, I wonder if any reader of this post is sufficiently competent with Poser to … um … illustrate this? I would really like some illustrations of these machines, especially if they were shown being used by a very tall girl – with an exquisite figure, of course, and perfect C cup boobs - with very long black hair and blue eyes and a nice all-over tan. And a Masarati, of course. But maybe the Masarati doesn’t need to be illustrated … that much can be left to the readers imagination.
Originally, I just scanned the text of a blurb about the Jessica 3000-f, but now that I have found the blurb about a new and improved model, the 3000-f-II, I thought I'd include this, too. The f-II is a deep finger-cuffing machine that has two linked shafts that start from both ends, as it were, and meet in the middle, if you see what I mean. In the trade this is called extreme deep finger-cuffing, I gather … and It is about as erotic a thing as this girl can possibly imagine.
There are some pictures of Dolcett that really turn me on. Not all: I can’t say I’m really all that much into cannibalism (in fact, I have an oh, YUK reaction to it, frankly, with all due respect to friends who may be into such things …), but one or two parts of the Dolcett’s stories set my mind a-thinking. And then, to my complete surprise, I found in the junk mail that gathers in unread and unsorted piles at home the following advertising brochure. Since I wanted something to try out our my scanner and OCR software, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. So … here it is. Clearly a great new idea ….
The Jessica 3000-f
This is a completely new and re-designed machine, not really part of the original Jessica series; however, since its original inspiration was had from the designers of the Jessica 6000 series, and since the company that produces it is the same, it has been decided to market it as part of the Jessica product line. 
The Jessica 3000-f has been designed by a new team of engineers, an all female team of engineers at Pilkington and Thorne (Barnsley) with electronic and computer controlled systems by Davies and Davies Electronics (Cardiff) and the micro-hydraulics manufactured by Tubature Hydraulique Actif (Toulouse). The originating group of engineers at Pilkington and Thorne set themselves the goal of making an impalement machine in the style of the Jessica series, purely for the woman’s pleasure (and those of an audience). It is not designed for the traditional butchers and slaughterhouse market, but rather for private use, and does not produce butchered female meat. Its low cost and simplicity of operation, along with its innovative features and functions, make it particularly adapted for the home and necrobabe market as well as sports and social centres, discotheques, clubs and other places where the younger female clientele is likely to gather.
The Jessica 3000-f is designed for the necrobabe who wishes to experience full and complete impalement, at home, with friends or in private, and has been especially engineered using innovative servo-active micro-hydraulic plastics, computer controlled chemical and mechanical processes and embedded micro-sensors to allow the woman user the maximum possible enjoyment of complete or longitudinal impalement at as slow – or fast – a pace as the women wishes.
The system consists of a long low barrelled bench, well cushioned, over which the woman straddles herself; there are knee holders and broad padded velcro straps so that the thighs and lower legs can be strapped into position if desired, otherwise the knee cushions and indentations in the padding allow the knees to be properly positioned. The woman then lies along the cushioned barrel, and places her head in the forehead and jaw harness. This is a padded set of straps designed to hold the head in place; essential for the correct functioning of the system. Shoulder supports are also provided, to ensure that the whole torso is aligned correctly. Optional straps may be used here, too, to maintain the arms in position if this is desired. A system of mirrors is available separately as part of the accessory pack so that the user can observe either the length of her body during the process, or view her body from above. Controls are all placed on a console just under the head harness and reachable by the hands without moving the shoulders so that if she desires, the woman can control the entire process by herself. An optional remote console is also available so that the whole process can be controlled by an onlooker, leaving the strapped-in woman no control over the process. This option has particularly popular when the Jessica 3000-f system has been installed in clubs, discos, and sports centres. 
When the system is activated, the impaling shaft emerges slowly from the base guidance box, and moves forward. It is designed to cease automatic forward movement as soon as any resistance is sensed. The woman then can control its movement further forward, with the options of moving it up or down, left or right, until she feels the shaft placed at the entrance to her vagina as desired. She also has further controls that allow her to move the shaft about with a small up-down, left-right, forward-backwards oscillation (each separately controllable in magnitude and frequency, or pre-set), so that the shaft can be used for external stimulation before actual penetration begins. One innovative feature that the computer system allows is that once the penetration position has been found, the system can then be asked to memorise the position, and then move to an alternative position for external stimulation, and then moved back to begin penetration a the touch of a button. Initial penetration is at a speed chosen by the user, as is the effective diameter of the shaft, and the operator can vary diameter both at the end of the shaft and elsewhere along the shaft, and at any time. These settings can also be pre-set.  
Initial penetration may also be combined with three oscillating motions, and may be set or operator-controlled to any speed. Once complete penetration is completed, the operator is alerted by a flashing light that the shaft sensors have determined penetration is complete, and the system is ready for the impalement process to begin. The system can be set to leave the shaft vibrating and rolling in this penetration position for as long as the women – or the operator – wants, or can be pre-set to continue automatically after some period. When the operator presses the ‘continue’ button, the end of the shaft begins to secrete a quick-acting local anaesthetic (refills are available from the manufacturer), and the soft outer plastic skin of the blunt end of the shaft opens to reveal a series of sharp blades. These are used to continue the impalement process, cutting through the wall of the womb and then into the rest of the woman’s body. If the speed of the shaft and the flow of the anaesthetic are properly regulated (these may be left on automatic or the automatic flow over-ridden by the operator) the impalee should feel little pain and discomfort, but should experience fully the pleasure of complete and deep impalement.  
As the process continues, the outer skin of the shaft, slightly lubricated by oils pumped through micro-pores in its surface, continues to be regulated by hand or automatically, so that the shaft can at all times be, for example, thick in the vagina, thicker at the entrance, and thin at its penetrating end. Or, however the user wishes to set these parameters. The maximum diameter of the shaft is 2.5 inches (6 cms) and the minimum is 1 inch (2.5 cms). The Jessica 3000-f is designed to penetrate the woman’s torso and then to her lungs and pass along her windpipe, and if the woman’s body has been placed correctly, the impaling shaft should automatically emerge in the windpipe. If there had been mis-targeting, the operator or a helper has the option to alter slightly the direction of movement of the impaling shaft so that the windpipe is found. The whole process from the initial cut to emerging in the windpipe can take as little or as long as the operator chooses, but typically will take approximately ten minutes. Once air is again sensed by the sensors on the shaft cutting head, the blades are withdrawn back into the shaft and a series of small apertures automatically open in the micro-hydraulic controlled plastic shaft skin to allow the penetrating shaft to act as a breathing tube.  
The soft plastic covering of the penetrating shaft is now slightly thickened and softened by the use of the micro-hydraulic systems built into the shaft so that it can pass through the windpipe and through the mouth of the woman comfortably, and allow normal breathing. The shaft is designed to emerge from the mouth and stop when some 10 inches beyond the mouth, although this can be increased slightly. The operator can pre-set the behaviour of the shaft in her mouth so that once complete impalement has been achieved the shaft end will then oscillate, expand and dilate, or roll slightly. Simultaneous motions can be programmed to occur throughout the penetrating shaft, or only in the area in the vagina. This enables full satisfaction to be achieved by the user. 
The most popular accessory pack currently available is an additional gantry and gearing set, which allows the shaft, once locked in its fully extended and penetrating position to be raised from the horizontal to vertical position. Any knee and thigh straps have to be manually undone, along with the head harness. This way the impaled woman can be raised to a vertical position, while the shaft continues to oscillate as pre-set. Many users prefer to finish the impalement process in this way. A special finishing off programme can be set to allow the shaft to slowly expand to its maximum diameter all along its length over a longer period once the shaft is completely extended and penetration and impalement completed.  This helps encourage death.
Depending on the health of the user, death does not usually occur for 30 to 45 minutes, and the system can be set to automatically shut down after a certain time, or when no further life-signs are determined by the system sensors.  
The Jessica 3000-f comes in a number of colours and washable fabrics to fit any home decor, or at a small additional cost, bespoke coverings can be supplied by the purchaser and factory fitted. All cushions and coverings are easily removable and machine-washable. The Jessica 3000-f, along with its accessory packs, can be delivered to your home or business within one week of placing the order, and includes complete assembly and installation instructions along with a user manual. Assembly requires only ½ hour and a Philips screw-driver (not supplied). The Jessica 3000-f comes with a full 3 year guarantee and an on-site maintenance agreement is available for a small additional cost. 

The Jessica-f-II
This new improved version of the original Jessica 3000-f has been developed by the original Jessica 3000-fteam in response to demands from a number of clients, and it represents a significant and exciting breakthrough in the technology of the pleasures of death by impalement.
The f-II model, otherwise known as a symmetrical centrally bi-lateral linked model, or the deep finger-cuffing machine, has had even more success then the original 3000-f. In this new model the user is presented with two impaling shafts giving the option of impalement from the vagina (as with the classic 3000-f), the mouth, or both simultaneously, with the shafts meeting at some point inside the woman's body.
Because of the double shaft arrangement the Jessica 3000-f-II is considerably longer than the classic model series, but most of the principles remain the same. The user is presented with a padded barrel which she straddles, and knee and elbow rests, along with a head-rest and shoulder rests. The operator (either the user or a remote control console) is presented with a dual set of controls on her right and left hands, controlling the movements of front and rear shafts respectively.
As in the classic 3000-f models once the system has been started, the penetrating shafts can be oriented and made to play both at the entrance to the vagina and the mouth, and initial penetration of both controlled separately or together, and either pre-programmed. Many users prefer to pre-programme the vaginal insertion and penetration movements of the rear shaft, whilst allowing the user to move the shaft in the mouth at will. Then a forward, rear, or both option can be activated, and impalement can begin. The most popular option with users has been simultaneous forward and rear shaft penetration (or 'both'), and dials at the user's fingertips allow her to control the speed of both impaling shafts.
In the 3000-f-II the impaling shafts are, as in the 3000-f models, adapted to provide air passage for breathing when necessary, and when deep impalement has begun, the cutting blades and local anaesthetic are actioned. As with the classic models, the width of the shaft can be operator controlled or pre-programmed, and can be set to move or give the sense of forward and backward vibration, as the operator chooses.
If the 'forward' shaft only option is chosen, the shaft will impale the user in exactly the analogous method to the 'rear' shaft impalement, with the shaft eventually emerging from the impalee's vagina and locking into the rear support mechanism. The behaviour of the completely impaled shaft can be pre-programmed and again, are normally set to cease activity when the system sensors receive no further life signs.
When the 'both' forward and rear shaft option is chosen, the operator can pre-set or can control in real-time the different speeds of the penetration of the forward and rear shafts. The system itself will sense the directions of the two shafts and automatically orient themselves so that they meet somewhere in the impalee's body, when a special locking mechanism will join the two shafts together, and the user will be in effect impaled by a single shaft. However, the separate motions and thickness of the two shafts will remain operative so long as the system has been programmed, or until shut down after death occurs.
The Jessica 3000-f-II has two optional gantry extras that allow the body to be raised to the vertical, as in the classical Jessica 3000-f. In addition, however, there is an inexpensive mounting horse gantry, which allows the shaft (once locked in the middle) to be removed from the mechanism and supported separately; this way the impalee can be moved about whilst still impaled on the shaft and placed away from the Jessica 3000-f-II, resting on the forward and rear triangular mounts. With the mounting horse gantry mechanism can also be purchased extra shafts, so a number of women can be impaled and then displayed dying or dead, hanging from the propped up shafts. For clubs, discotheques and other places where the Jessica 3000-f-II may be intensely used this provides a useful extra service to clients.
The Jessica 3000-f-II comes in a number of colours and washable fabrics to fit any home decor, or at a small additional cost, bespoke coverings can be supplied by the purchaser and factory fitted. All cushions and coverings are easily removable and machine-washable. The Jessica 3000-f-II, along with its accessory packs, can be delivered to your home or business within one week of placing the order, and includes complete assembly and installation instructions along with a user manual. Assembly requires only ½ hour and a Philips screw-driver (not supplied). The Jessica 3000-f-II comes with a full 3 year guarantee and an on-site maintenance agreement is available for a small additional cost.
Well ... a girl can dream, can't she? … anyone care to build me a machine like this? … care to take me to a world where I could have a machine like this?


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