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About Me
Who I Am:
I have been enjoying erotic demise fantasies for almost 40 years, ever since my early teens when I realized watching beautiful women expire on television prompted the same delightful reaction as seeing them naked. I soon realized combining the two was even better, so I sought out anything which depicted nude or barely dressed females succumbing to unpleasant fates.

At the time, for a 14 year old kid in a small town, such material was limited to comics, Spillane paperbacks and the long gone and sadly missed pulp mags and detective zines. On the tube there was no shortage of seductively dressed ladies meeting their doom, usually in spy flicks or other action movies. To add more spice to their work, writers, artists and directors were not shy about depicting the ill-fated females suffering considerable abuse as well, often while securely restrained.

By the time I was a high school senior, all these elements had congealed into a familiar dish which formed the basis of what became a life-long fetish. While my buddies fantasized about laying the prom queen, I was off in some exotic locale, imagining provocative femme fatales captured by nefarious villains who tore away their clothing, tied them down, tortured them mercilessly, then killed them.

There were variants on this theme of course. Sometimes the girl managed to escape before being recaptured; sometimes she temporarily got the upper hand on her oppressor; sometimes she was evil herself and deserved her punishment, and sometimes she was only a pawn who died in utter futility. The settings, plots, methods used and so on would change, but always there would be capture, nudity, bondage, torture and death.

Thanks to the internet, getting all this together in one package is not as rare as it once was, but those who share all the aspects of my fetish are still relatively few. Still, I'm flexible, and I am often surprised how much I enjoy material which does not meet all my fantasy criteria. If I dream up something very specific, I'll either create it myself in a story or as 3D art, or I'll commission a producer to film a custom video.

These days, there is no shortage of fantasy material, nor people with whom to share and discuss it. Although I watched this virtual community grow from its earliest days, till now I have had little desire to join it. For most of my adult life, I'd enjoyed what I thought was a rather unique fetish in isolation, so except for a few brief forays, I've been following along from the sidelines. Perhaps signing on to this site will change things. It certainly seems rife with possibilities.
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
My fantasies incorporate a wide range of elements, some fetishistic and some quite traditional. In fact, the only thing which I am certain to dislike is mindless repetition and lack of imagination. That said, my ideal scenario would involve the following:

- A strong and/or deluded beauty (good or bad girl) who finds herself at the mercy of a stronger enemy (one or more males and/or females but villainous sadists all) eager to extract some information from her.

- Perhaps the heroine is able to outwit the villains for a while, but eventually she is captured and restrained for interrogation.

- The girl is forcibly stripped and made to endure a series of increasingly brutal tortures. At first she is resistant but in time she weakens, and after hours or even days she can take no more.

- Completely broken, the heroine reveals all she knows, usually betraying her friends or comrades, dooming them to similar treatment.

- Of no more use to the villains, she is executed or placed into a cruel deathtrap for the amusement of her captors. Still nude and bound, she dies in despair, fully aware that all is lost.

Paramount amidst all the fetish action is a story tying it together. Exotic settings, unpredictable plots and vivid characters are desirable. Even in a still image, I need to see some context before it works for me. Those Poser images featuring a naked, dead girl against a grey backdrop leave me cold, as do video clips which portray female demise without any rhyme or reason.

I'm not partial to standard stalk & slash fantasies, home invasions, or domestic drama. Give me a good captured spy tale, a military adventure, a band of female pirates, amazon warriors, even a science fiction scene... anything like the pulp magazines I grew up with. I guess old habits die hard.

The actual mayhem portrayed in my fantasies can come in many flavors. Unlike most, I'm not tied to one form of death or a particular torture. I can enjoy just about anything, though lately I have been gravitating to more barbaric ordeals. Perhaps the milder stuff, like asphyx scenes and neck breaks have become too commonplace, or maybe I've just come to need a harder fix. So now I'm into multiple shooting, stabbing, gore and overkill more than I have been in the past. Still, the blood and guts needs to fit the scene, and I can still appreciate a less obvious demise if it is done well.

Other Fetish Interests:
Aside from the above, just about anything goes. I enjoy forced orgasms, machine guns, electrocution, whips, chains, breast torture, deathtraps, beating with fists, beating with bats, BATS, bats, sharks, snakes, racks, Nuremburg virgins, example killings, stimulants and sex drugs, disemboweling, arrows, lasers, hot irons, steam irons, tire irons, and on and on and on.

Perhaps it's easier to name the few things which don't do much for me: neck breaks and decapitation (because they are just too damned quick and merciful), bagging (because the face is obscured), tickling (To death? Don't make me laugh), suicide (or anything consensual), poison (might as well euthanize).

What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Depends on who I meet, I suppose. I'm new to the socializing thing, so I'll just see what develops.

What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Offline is another universe. Fritz does not exist there.