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About Me
Who I Am:
### Eine deutsche Version des Profiltexts steht in der Blog-Sektion ###
Hadrian is simply a name, randomly chosen from an old phone directory back in the days, when I discovered the S&N online scene, decided to participate and had to find a handle for my alter ego in cyberspace. My nick is not in any way related to the ancient Roman empire nor to some wall in the northern part of a European island.

I am around this online community for a pretty long time now. If you’ve read Peter’s summary on the history of snuff and necro on the internet (The Accidential Pornographer), you’ll get an idea, just how long ago that was. I had found some posting in the UseNet newsgroups, followed a link from there, and eventually learned, that I was not alone with my kind of twisted deviant fantasies.
Please don't be offended, if I do not accept blind friend requests (i.e. if we never been in touch before, hadn't exchanged messages or you had not left any comments on this profile's content). I really prefer to know at least some about the people I'm friends with. "To become a friend needs more time than to press a button." (KHaosGOth)
Favorite Quote:
Live to have fun - die to be fun.
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
My own fantasies are actually pretty similar to the general concept in Peter Cohen's Bellybutt stories. Sharp, pointy objects, such as arrows, knives, spears, swords etc. finding their way into tummies and breasts of consenting (and even actively participating) females. Consent is pivotal here, because the greatest turn-on to me about it is the act of ultimate submission and devotion by those girls; the build-up for that very moment of submission, when nothing else matters anymore, but the intense climax of the killing experience.

My favourite scenery, in which my fantasies take place, is primarily outdoors; a tropical jungle, a clearing in some forest, a sandy beach with palm trees.

My preferred way to bring my own fantasies alive is graphics. Take a look at the images in my photo-albums here at DFN. You’ll get the idea.
Other Fetish Interests:
There’s quite a variety of other kinks. I love beautiful bare female feet, girls, who are all oiled up (especially, when they are dark-skinned and/or their bodies nicely toned). I like the gynophagia side of the Dolcett fantasies, if it’s not too mechanical (i.e. Jessica3000 etc.).

Furthermore, I like classical SM delights, such as whipping and spanking, hot wax, clamps, manual breath control and other similar games. Erotic bellypunching is another of my kinks. I’m not much into bondage or other restraints. This can be appropriate on occasion, but here again, I prefer the deeply consensual approach – and the endurance of pain without being restrained just enhances a woman’s submission immensely.

I don’t think, it can be considered a fetish, but I like nudism (not necessarily naturism). Apart from the recreational aspects, enjoying the great outdoors while being nude among other nudists is just a perfect inspiration for my special kind of fantasy (see above).

Well, inevitably there’s also a negative list of turn-offs. I do not like hangings, beheadings and just about anything related to firearms. I despise any notion of misogyny and I hate rape and other clearly non-consensual scenarios. Other turn-offs are lingerie, stockings/pantyhose, high heel shoes in bed and painted finger and toe nails (bad taste and ugly style IMO).
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
I’m here for interaction. I’m a generally curious guy, and I love to exchange ideas on our kind of fantasies – preferably, if they are compatible to mine. I like online roleplaying in chats, but I rarely do that anymore these days, because there are so few around, that are a joy to play with. Good roleplaying needs time and a good knowledge of your counterparty in play.

If you’ve kept reading to this point, and are still curious, feel free to contact me either here (PM), on Yahoo Messenger (hadriank64) or AOL Instant Messenger (screenname: hadriankarda).
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
Now that’s a rather delicate issue. To meet someone from these circles in the real world requires trust – an awful lot of trust. I have met with a few people and I’ve had phone chats with others. These were all very pleasant and entertaining encounters without any fetish related interactions (most of them were fellow males anyway!). If (if!!) I should ever come across a soulmate of the opposite gender, who is harbouring fantasies compatible to my own, and if this certain someone shows to have a clear line drawn between fantasy and reality (i.e. does not have a real death wish), there will definitely be the desire in me to get to know this rare bird in the offline world. I’m unsure, if this will come about, but if it was, it would be a dream come true...