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About Me
Who I Am:
Hi! I wanted to take this time to maybe open up about some things related to me and a few of our team members here. I am a person who has always been excited about horror. Ever since I was a little boy, my stories always tended to be about something horrifying or suspenseful. I always had an urge to shock people, to take it a bit further to the edge and even go over it from time to time. I love the reation I get from people so when I first saw the movie FRENZY, it was a match made in heaven!
I am a person who has always been interested in the dark side of hmanity, what man is capable of and why he or she thinks they can get away with it.
The me, erotic horror is like vampirism with its own thirst for life through the blood of its victms left in its wake.
I, like you, am an eager fan of erotic horror and enjoy filming it as much as you enjoy watching our films. I think that is what has made our movies very interesting is because we love what we do and are living out a dream by having you join your fantasies with our own so welcome!
About My Fetish
My Main Fetish:
I love stranglation, hangings and drownings which we hope to get into a lot more as we move along. I love strangulations because it is a very personal, passionate way to take someone down. It is a one-on-one competition which represents the best in the animalistic struggle for the right to life and those who feel justified in taking it. It is a battle of wills.
Drownings are the same because any contsact you have with the body as it thrashes is an absolute turn on. Being able to pin a head down beneath the waters and hold it there is the ultimate symbol of power To deny someone another breath and to grab onto her ass or a sexual part is like having your way with them while there is little they can do about it. It represents dominance.
Hanging represents helplessness. Taking a woman and letting her know what is about to happen or having her at the tip of her life on a stool knowing that it will end with a swift kick makes the victim feel every tick tock of the clock. It is as if both the victims and killer's hearts will beat in harmony for that brief moment in time. Grabbing on a pair of sexy legs as she twitches to get away or jaming a finger inside her is the ultimate symbol of greed and power as the victim empties out.
I also love a good stabbing but cannot seem to find the right place until a short time ago so we'll see of they let us use a gallon of blood like we want to. I cna picture a strong man taking on a petite woman and just jamming a long blade through her then jamming it all the way up her cunt as if to life her off the floor then, as she fights to get away, grabbing her and waiting for that right moment to jam it up her pussy once again and again then ending it all with a slow thrust through the heart.
So as you can see there still is lots more to accomplish and we are looking forward to doing so really soon.
Other Fetish Interests:
I probably emptied my heart in the opening paragraph so I would say drownings, hangings and stabbings.
What I Like To Do With People I Meet Online:
Wow that is a great one! Since most of our customers are male, it would be great to have a live broadcast of a female actress getting hers. I would love to grab Karli Montana or one of our other pretty young things and display their terror then torture strangle the again and again for your viewing pleasure.
For the guys who love to see women take out the men, we would do the same. Just have the women beat the crap out of the guys, dominate them then stomp the life out of them live!
What I Would Like To Do With Someone Offline:
If it's a woman, I know what I'mm gonna do! Oh yeah! We can have lots of fun if this is your genre but I'd keep you alive of course for the next fantasy but needless to say you'd have a good time!
Hey if you are a paying customer and are in town, no problem to check us out. We've invited several down to see us and have no problem with that. You get a chance to meet some of the hottest ladies around and the shoot is sure to be a blast!